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Information Asset Management

Data is the lifeblood of the digital enterprise and is the source of business transformation. This is a fundamental change from the old view of “data as a by-product of applications.” To drive digital transformation, data must be a shared enterprise “asset” that is the fuel for a successful digital strategy. Your data policies, management platform, and architecture must be designed for that reality, and must grow and evolve as your needs grow and shift into cloud, big data, and new forms of analytics.


Think of it as you would any other asset the enterprise would use to build wealth. That perspective changes the not only the language but the behavior of those charged with managing the information / data assets of the enterprise.


Client Struggles

  • Decision speed
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increasing growth and scalability
  • Extracting business value
  • Reducing costs
  • Managing risk
  • Impact of bad data
  • Compliance with regulations

How TechVision is helping

  • Strategy Assessments & Roadmap
  • Information Asset Management Practice
  • Data Governance/Information Ownership Programs
  • Enterprise Data Strategies
  • Information-Data Policies & Standards,
  • Business Data Architecture
  • Meta-Information Strategy
  • Enterprise Data Modeling & Design Methodologies
  • Information Quality Strategies
  • Data Valuation
  • Enterprise Foundational Data Strategy
  • Data Globalization Methods
  • Business Intelligence Strategies

Practice Leads

Noreen Kendle

Noreen Kendle

Principal Consulting Analyst



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