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State of Robotics Process
Automation (RPA), Q2 2019


Jeff Nichols – Principal Consulting Analyst


This report is an Enterprise level-set on Robotics Process Automation (RPA). This technology is getting a lot of attention in enterprises today as it has the potential to provide more consistent and timely services for customers and internal stakeholders at a lower cost. In a nutshell, RPA is software that emulates the interaction of a human employee or contractor with applications and data in a repeatable workflow. RPA software platforms create a software robot (or “bot”) which performs the task(s) originally done by people. Simple concept, but with powerful implications. In this report we include discussions of basic concepts, RPA benefits, use cases, the RPA life cycle, program governance, leaders in RPA software platforms, and recommendations for TVR clients.

Given the current significant interest in RPA there is a commensurately large amount of investment capital going into this space, but also some unrealistic expectations. We will look to net this out for our clients and give you a sense for where RPA is going.

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