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Identity and Access Management

Identity Practice Overview

Our identity consulting practice experts have helped hundreds of companies establish and operate identity management programs. It is designed to help you:

  • Align business and identity management objectives, and define an architecture for success
  • Have a prioritized and actionable implementation plan
  • Know exactly what products and technologies you need
  • Create the optimal mix acceptable business risk, compliance, cost, and user experience

IAM Assessment Overview

For companies that don’t need training in the latest IAM architecture, TechVision Research provides a focused assessment of your IAM infrastructure and strategy in the form of an Identity Management Rapid Assessment. This assessment examines your IAM capabilities through the lens of our IAM Reference Architecture and makes pragmatic recommendations for action.

Specific topics investigated include:

  • Identity lifecycle management
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Roles and access management
  • Directory services
  • Identity content and data integration
  • Federated identity management
  • Identity auditing
  • Cloud integration
  • Microservices integration
  • Emerging approaches and technologies

IAM Workshop Overview

TechVision Research’s Identity and Access Management(IAM) workshop will help your organization develop a more holistic identity & access management solution and achieve key objectives associated with increased security, workflow automation, auditability and cost effectiveness.

Why should I attend?

  • Use a focused, collaborative learning experience to collapse project timelines and make major project decisions.
  • Use our proven and road-tested methodologies to get your project done quickly and effectively.
  • Develop and train your team through collaboration with our expert principal consulting analysts.
  • Extend your team by drawing on our principal consulting analysts across a wide range of specialties.
  • Produce a tangible model for expressing & tying business case to business processes and IAM projects.

IAM Reference Architecture

There are many challenges are driving companies to reevaluate their current IAM solution, but it’s hard to tell where the current IAM capabilities may be impacted and how to prioritize any change efforts. That’s why we developed the first TechVision Research Reference Architecture for IAM, a tool that provides a comprehensive methodology for assessing requirements and architecting optimal IAM solutions.

The TechVision Research Reference Architecture for IAM is a master template that identifies the IAM capabilities (rather than technologies) that can be improved or enabled, allowing business stakeholders and technical architects to achieve a common language for IAM functions, which can then be refined over time.

The Future of Identity Management

Learn where Identity and Access Management is headed from some of the most respected voices in the industry.  Representing firms such as Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce and other market leaders, these experts share their pragmatic views Identity and its impact on the digital enterprise.

identitysepia Documents

Information and Data Asset Management

Business Data Architecture Workshop Overview

TechVision Research’s Business Data Architecture workshop sets the foundation for development of a Business Data Blueprint (BDB), a necessity for addressing part of the broken data foundation. 

During the workshop, TechVision Research leverages an innovative format that engages the organization: executives, analysts and IT operations. Workshop participants gain the knowledge needed to map out the steps to a successful Business Data Architecture (BDA). 

In the workshop you’ll learn tips and techniques to

  • Work with business users to identify the types of data that are the most valuable
  • Make data governance a first priority
  • Build systems to change, not to last
  • Develop a real-time data foundation
  • Build security into the foundation
  • Develop a master data management strategy
  • Position data as a service
  • Offer self-service environments
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Architecture and Innovation

Container Workshop Overview

This workshop shares best practices, presents disruptive technology alternatives, and forges team consensus around a pragmatic adoption plan. All geared towards achieving key objectives of rapid application deployment, portability across machines, resource efficiency, and simplified maintenance

Why should I attend

  • Address adoption challenges around security, lifecycle governance, monitoring, management, and run-time application composition
  • Understand container reference architecture components and patterns
  • Learn container security patterns and tooling
  • Learn how to build a container-friendly DevOps workflow
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Privacy and Consent

Privacy Practice Overview

Our privacy consulting practice is built from the ground up by Chief Privacy Officers that have established and managed privacy programs in the biotech, computer technology, petroleum, enterprise software, and automotive industries. It is designed to help you gain:

  • A pragmatic assessment of your existing privacy program with action plans for immediate risks.
  • Clarity on the benefits and priorities of your end-state privacy program.
  • Leading privacy experts assisting you from assessment through operations.
  • Legal knowledge with practical business process implementation experience.
  • Program planning experts to quantify investments and help build organizational support.

EU Identity and Privacy Regulation Workshop Overview

TechVision Research’s EU Identity & Privacy Regulation workshop sets the foundation for the strategic management of the legislation – a necessity for doing business within Europe’s Digital Single Market.

During the workshop, TechVision Research leverages an innovative format that engages the organization: executives, analysts and IT operations. Workshop participants gain the knowledge needed to map out the steps to a successful readiness for the coming changes.

In the workshop you’ll learn tips and techniques that will help you…

  • Understand what you need to know about the e-Identity and Authentication Services (eIDAS) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ) legislation
  • Evaluate the upcoming EU regulation and usage models as they pertain to identity, trust services and data protection
  • Determine how the new EU regulations impact a company’s global identity and privacy architecture
  • Internally communicate the challenges and opportunities available as well as the consequences of non-compliance
  • Turn the legislative changes into business and early adopter advantage.
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Research Catalogue

Through our in-depth reports, TechVision Research provides early perspectives on key technology trends which help our clients stay ahead of the disruptive technology challenges they’ll face. Our research agenda uncovers key technology inflection points and defines their impact by applying technical depth, pragmatic business experience, and rigorous analysis. This catalogue summarizes our current research focus covering critical technology areas impacting the enterprise.

identitysepia Documents



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