Data Strategy

Fixing the Fundamentals: Data Strategy


Noreen Kendle
Principal Consulting Analyst

To get anywhere one has to know where they are going. Similarly, a data strategy defines the desired state for an organization’s data assets – the organization’s data vision. Yet, even with a formal strategy in hand, many organizations make little progress achieving this vision. Most strategies lack a method to achieve the data vision. This leads to a continuous cycle of data chaos. A realistic strategy begins with a Data Oversight Framework defining the path, the plan and the data infrastructure necessary to actually achieve the strategy. This report outlines the process necessary to achieve a realistic (real world) data strategy, starting with a Data Oversight Framework . This report covers:

  • How to define an enterprise data vision and know what one looks like
  • How to develop a Data Oversight Framework and the infrastructure to support it
  • How to combine the Data Oversight Framework and data vision to establish a successful, sustainable and defensible data strategy
  • Experience defining and implementing strategies at Fortune 500 companies

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