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The Rise of Machine Learning in the Enterprise: Managing the Opportunities, Handling the Threats


David Goodman

Principal Consulting Analyst

[email protected]
Artificial Intelligence has gained massive traction over the last two-three years in the business world as well as through popular media. The expression covers a wide range of application areas and impacts at a multitude of levels. Today, with a few exceptions, the application of artificial intelligence for the enterprise translates to machine learning. Although covering a broad range of technical approaches itself, machine learning in general provides a great business opportunity to streamline and automate complex processes improving efficiency and operational costs. Not surprisingly, not everyone is as thrilled about the potential impact that ‘intelligent machines’ will have, with concerned managers and employees worried that they might eventually lose their jobs. Nevertheless, the appropriate application of machine learning is increasingly becoming a necessity for the management and analysis of big data and as a vital extension to cyber security measures such as fraud prevention. Knowing how, when and where to adopt a machine learning strategy over the coming two-three years will be key to the successful running of any organization, large or small.



In this report, we investigate this emerging trend, and what should be the next steps for TechVision Research clients.


This report covers:

  • The value proposition and business rationale for the enterprise associated with machine learning
  • Applications and uses, present and future, of machine learning
  • Six steps an enterprise should start to take to best leverage machine learning

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