Chrysalis IV, the much-anticipated event in the world of Identity Management, Security, Privacy, Innovation, and Governance, is set to offer attendees two days of intensive discussions and educational experiences with global leaders in these crucial fields.

Day 1 Highlights

1. Opening Keynote: “We Can Do Better
– Speaker: Gary Rowe, CEO and Principal Consulting Analyst at TechVision Research.
– Focus: Addressing industry improvements, decision-making for enterprises, and architecting future-proof solutions.

2. The Enterprise Digital Journey; Start with your IAM Foundation
– Speakers: Principal Consulting Analysts and top vendors like Ping, Okta, Microsoft, and IBM.
– Emphasis: The evolution of IAM platforms and their increasing integration and flexibility in digital enterprises.

3. Modernizing Your Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Foundation
– Panelists include Kevin Kampman and other industry experts.
– Agenda: Importance of IGA in enterprise governance and challenges faced in managing, protecting, and building a modern digital enterprise.

4. Next Generation Authentication
– Topics: The convergence of AI, biometrics, and behavioral analytics for more secure and user-friendly authentication methods.

5. AI – Forever Changing the Identity and Security Landscape
– Insights: The dual role of AI in enhancing security and posing new challenges.

6. Identity Legends Panel
– Panelists: Gary Rowe, Andre Durand, Eve Maler, and other identity management legends.
– Discussion: The past, present, and future of Identity Management.

7. A New Era of Digital Trust and User-Centric Identity
– Focus: Decentralized identity, verifiable credentials, and reputation systems as the new era of digital trust.

8. Day 1 Summary and Q&A
– An interactive session wrapping up the day’s discussions.

Day 2 Highlights

1. Opening Remarks
– Speaker: Gary Rowe.
– Transition: From digital identity to cybersecurity, focusing on advanced authorization, zero trust, and privileged access management (PAM).

2. Security Legends Panel
– Luminaries: Malcolm Harkins, Alex Tosheff, Fred Cohen, and others.
– Topics: Digital security trends, threats, innovations, and the role of AI in cybersecurity.

3. Zero Trust / Zero Friction
– Vision: Balancing rigorous security with seamless user experience.

4. Experiences with Zero Trust and IAM
– Case Study: Andrew Cameron from GM shares their journey in adopting Zero Trust and IAM.

5. Next Generation Authorization
– Exploration: Advanced digital authorization strategies and technologies.

6. Trends in API Security
– Discussion: The evolving landscape of API security and the role of AI and machine learning in enhancing it.

7. The Expanding Role of PAM
– Insight: The critical role of Privileged Access Management in modern cybersecurity.

8. Controlling Your Destiny
– Analysis: Using analytics to manage application delivery and security in a dynamic environment.

9. Closing Remarks and Q&A
– Recap: A discussion of the topics covered on the second day and an interactive Q&A session.

This conference promises to be a landmark event, offering deep insights into current trends and future digital identity and security directions. Participants will be able to learn from and interact with top thought leaders and experts in the field.

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