Putting identity into context or contextualizing and establishing relationships between identity data sets is, when seen holistically, a major step on the path to a significant digital transformation for the enterprise. The bottom line is identity data is of far greater value to the enterprise with context or relationship information and is a critical component to the next generation of IAM.

TechVision Research, as part of our in-depth research report including specific enterprise recommendations in context-based IAM space, released our short-list of recommended vendors. Our basic philosophy in developing a short-list as opposed to other vendor rating systems is in response to what our end-user clients generally ask for at the beginning of a consulting engagement ultimately focused on vendor solutions. In developing RFIs, RFPs or other means of evaluating vendors, most of our clients want to get started with a more finite set of vendors we recommend. That is what we are now integrating into our research with a high-level summary shown here.

Remember this is a specific category within identity management and we are only focusing on the establishment of and use of contextual information within the identity service. In characterizing how and why vendors are on this shortlist, our primary considerations were how information is integrated (connectors, synchronization, meta-directories, virtualization), how effectively contextual information is used, the sophistication of the relationships that are being managed and the accessibility of information to users.

Microsoft and Ping Identity were advantaged due to both their existing directory base (especially Microsoft) and their long-standing integration and federation capabilities. Radiant Logic’s basic virtual directory platform has historically focused on context across multiple directories and data sources. ForgeRock has also provided a core focus in providing context and integrating IoT, which will continue to grow in importance. Okta has very strong IDaaS capabilities with contextual access control and SailPoint also features an IDaaS offering with solid compliance and password management support.

This is designed to be a starting point for organizations looking to solidify their capabilities in the identity-centric relationship management and contextual awareness. Other strong vendors to consider include IBM, Salesforce and CA Technologies.

We believe that context, IDaaS, blockchain/decentralized identity, IoT/Identity integration, federation and portability will be pillars of the next generation of Identity and Access Management.

A 22 page excerpt from TechVision’s research report by David Goodman on Identity in Context can be found at: TechVision Research Report Excerpt


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