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Your job is to drive growth and competitive advantage.

Are you confident your innovation program is up to the task?


It used to take years or even decades for disruptive innovations to displace dominant products and destabilize incumbent industries. Today, anybody can wake up in the morning with an idea, design a product online, get bids to manufacture it, crowdsource financing, promote it and arrange shipping in the cloud—all without ever getting up from the breakfast table. That means that any business can be devastated virtually overnight by something better and cheaper. Innovation can ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

Let TechVision Research help you understand what you are doing well and what you might need to improve.

Use our knowledge and experience to supercharge your Innovation strategy. Our workshop helps you get the job done for a fraction of cost of engaging a big five firm and with much less effort than you’d need to do it yourself.

A Facilitated Two-day, Highly Interactive Innovation Workshop  

TechVision Research’s  Innovation workshop will help your organization develop a more holistic innovation program and achieve key objectives associated with increased execution, return on investment, employee motivation, and process improvement.

Why should I attend?

  • Use a focused, collaborative learning experience to collapse project timelines and make major program decisions.

  • Use our proven and road-tested methodologies to get your project on track quickly and effectively.

  • Develop and train your team through collaboration with our expert principal consulting analysts.

  • Produce a tangible model for expressing & tying business case to business processes and innovation projects.



Gary Zimmerman

Gary Zimmerman

CMO, Principal Consulting Analyst

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Workshop deliverable

In addition to all materials created and shared in the workshop itself, TechVisionResearch will provide you with a written assessment. The assessment will include a series of tactical and strategic recommendations, focused on the specific topics above, to move your innovation program forward.

Find out if this workshop is right for you.


Typical workshop agenda

The agenda

The workshop consists of four segments: pre-meeting survey, on-site training, facilitated planning, and post-session reporting. The training portion of the Innovation Workshop is focused at both business and technical levels.

Pre-meeting Survey

Prior to the workshop, TechVision Research sends brief survey to workshop participants to capture a snapshot of the organization’s overall innovation efforts and environments. Our consultants use this information to tailor the workshop to the existing customer environment and to fast-track the information gathering component of the ‘brainstorming session’ on Day 2.

TechVision Research conducts the facilitated portion of the Innovation Onsite Workshop in a 2-day structured format.

On-site training

Think of the first day of the workshop as an immersion course in innovation. Whether you are new to the journey or a seasoned expert you are guaranteed to get something out of the discussions and exercises.  


Getting to know the room – identify organizational roles and specific interests in innovation
Defining innovation and how it applies to the organization
Exploring the business benefits derived from building an innovation competency.
A Rosetta stone of innovation terminology and practices
A deep dive into the TechVision Research Reference Framework for Innovation
Connecting the dots – how to approach innovation that supports business outcomes
Q&A – relating what we’ve learned to what we do

    Facilitated planning

     Day 2 is where we blend what you learned on day 1, any homework assignments, and the results of the pre-meeting survey. TechVision Research consultants use proven techniques to interactively explore options with the group to drive consensus toward an effective innovation capability for the enterprise. During this session, the consultants will work with the team to build on the strategy by facilitating the development of a high-level action plan.

    • Participants describe their business needs and challenges via 20-minute ‘mini presentations’ to the workshop group
    • TechVision Research facilitates the development of a high-level conceptual innovation strategy
    • Jointly develop an action plan for moving forward
    • Wrap-up


      Find out if this workshop is right for you.


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