Chrysalis 2022, TechVision Research’s conference, was a unique event designed to enable the digital enterprise by addressing the complex challenges IT professionals face. Held from November 7-9, 2022, it provided a platform for candid discussions, devoid of marketing fluff, focusing on real needs and solutions in the enterprise context.

Embracing the Digital Enterprise

The conference highlighted the accelerated shift to digital engagement due to the pandemic. The focus was on securing digital assets across various ecosystems while managing risk, emphasizing the need for scale, automation, pervasive security, and enhanced user experience.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM emerged as a pivotal theme, emphasizing its evolution from a static framework to one supporting a dynamic, inclusive, and flexible Digital Enterprise. Sessions highlighted the importance of IAM in forming a strong foundation for digital success, with speakers discussing vendor offerings and future-state visions.

Identity Governance (IGA)

IGA’s role in managing and protecting the digital enterprise was another focus. The conference explored how IGA, while challenged by human processes and modern enterprise dynamics, remains foundational for mapping and enforcing business policies and security controls.

Zero Trust and Security Transformation

Chrysalis 2022 underscored the importance of Zero Trust in IAM and overall security. Speakers discussed transforming security capabilities to adapt to digital enterprise needs, with emphasis on cloud-friendliness, flexibility, and user experience.

Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Credentials

The potential of decentralized identity systems to scale IAM was explored, assessing the industry and vendor offerings in this nascent area. The discussion included how decentralized identities and verifiable credentials could revolutionize trust and authenticity online.


Chrysalis 2022 stood out as a serious, immersive learning and networking event. It was not just about discussing emerging trends but also about offering actionable recommendations, tools, and insights for IT professionals to apply in their organizations. This approach, coupled with its attendee-driven agenda and high-profile expert speakers, set Chrysalis apart as a conference genuinely focused on empowering and educating the digital enterprise.

Join Us 16-17 January 2024 for our virtual conference, Chrysalis IV where the experts will share lessons learned and progress made over the last year.

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