Context-based Identity Management

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Context-Based Identity Management


David Goodman, D.Phil
Principle Consulting Analyst

As Identity Management matures, context becomes the means by which Identity becomes more useful in assessing risk, management, threat detection and business system integration. Almost every SaaS and premise-based identity vendor and most security vendors TechVision Research has interviewed are investing heavily in context-based (also know as relationship-based) Identity Management. Simply put, an identity with context (even minimal context) is far more valuable and useful to an organization than raw identity information. In this report, we will dig deep to clearly define what this is, who the major players are, the impact on infrastructure technologies, the future direction and prescriptive recommendations and next steps for TechVision Research clients. This report covers:

  • The reality for the enterprise
  • The context-based Identity Management ecosystem: today and tomorrow
  • Five steps the enterprise must take to position for context-based Identity Management

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