Enterprise Privacy Guidelines

Enterprise Privacy Guidelines in a Changing Regulatory Environment

Faced with all the different privacy laws, cultural backgrounds, business needs and expectations, and competing resources, the question being addressed in this report is how to build a privacy program that delivers data protection to all your customers, your business partners, and your workforce.

This report is designed to provide an experienced-based framework for building a privacy program or reviewing an existing privacy framework. We break down enterprise privacy programs in several steps and pose a set of questions to help frame your enterprise privacy program.

In leading privacy programs for the past 15 years at General Motors, Chevron, and Dell, I’ve developed this pragmatic approach to building and improving privacy programs that I’ll model in this report. Having addressed this challenge at more than one company, I have distilled some lessons learned into an outline with four basic steps. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so the end product will necessarily reflect your unique company and situation. But this might help you get started or support an assessment of your existing privacy program.


Jill Phillips
Principal Consulting Analyst

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