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Blockchain Call-to-Action For Bankers


Rhomaios Ram
Principal Consulting Analyst

Contributing Authors:

  • Bill Bonney
    Principal Consulting Analyst
  • John Myracle
    Principal Consulting Analyst
  • Gary Rowe
    Principal Consulting Analyst


Over the last few years, there has been a lot of blockchain hype, but much of the thinking is from the perspective of a technology looking for a use case. This report is from the perspective of a global banking executive evaluating and leveraging technology to address specific business goals. The focus is on the applicability of blockchain to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of banking services while maintaining regulatory compliance. The pragmatic experience of running both European transaction banking and Product Management at Deutsche Bank, and subsequently developing their digital banking strategy including an assessment of blockchain and other disruptive technologies is drawn upon in developing this research.

The primary goal for most bankers these days is regulatory compliance closely followed by cost reduction. Blockchain has the potential to impact both goals. Blockchain or some variation of distributed ledgers have the potential to reduce cost and improve efficiency in the operational and risk aspects of banking and at the same time improve the transparency and auditability required to demonstrate compliance. In this report, we will describe the current banking processes as well as expected changes over the next several years.

Banks are being disintermediated and are facing increasing regulatory pressure leading to the need to consider substantive changes. This report focuses on how blockchain or distributed ledgers may help solve real banking problems and be integrated into the existing banking world. We also describe a timeline and a supporting set of services that will be necessary for distributed ledgers to be a significant element within traditional banking.

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