Blockchain Identity

The Future of Information Sharing

The tension between sharing and restricting information has existed since Adam and Eve first tasted that apple in the Garden of Eden. Today, the velocity, volume, variety, and veracity of information being generated in, about, and between organizations is making that tension top of mind to individuals and organizations of all sorts.

Information sensitivity ranges from one extreme (I don’t care who knows) to the other (If this gets out, it could threaten my survival). While most information falls between these extremes, understanding and conscientiously balancing the need for secrecy and openness across the continuum is required.

This report discusses the utility of information based on how widely it is known and the state of the present and likely future art in finding the balance between secrecy and sharing. Specifically, organizations should focus on:

  • Understanding the types and importance of information gathered, produced, stored, transmitted, and shared;
  • Using and sharing information effectively and efficiently to support the organization’s collective actions;
  • Having proper processes for control and disposition of these information assets;
  • Preventing information overload caused by “over sharing”;
  • Preparing for the business and technology changes which can impact the balance


Fred Cohen
Principal Consulting Analyst

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