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“Zero Trust Networking”


“ZTN enforces security policies at the edge of networks and stops malicious traffic at its origin, not in the middle of the network or at the front door to an endpoint or application. 

– Sorell Slaymaker, TechVision Principal Consulting Analyst

Recorded on 21 February 2019

Webinar Outline:

  • The Evolving & Increasing Threat
  • Why Today’s Networks Are Not Secure
  • Creating A New Security Model
  • How Zero Trust Networking Works
  • Measuring Network Risks
  • Moving To A Zero Trust Network

3 reasons you should watch this video

Don’t be the mark

An old adage among gamblers is that “if you can’t find the mark in the room, you’re the mark.” The bad guys are constantly testing enterprises with a growing number of attack vectors looking for new marks. Today, your security team has to be right every time; the bad guys only need to be right once. Learn how the Zero Trust Networking (ZTN) approach can deter attacks at the source and keep you from becoming the mark.

Zero Trust Networking is different

The traditional approach to protection is to put up barriers at the destination (datacenter, subnet, server, etc.). Unfortunately, a default assumption imbedded in the traditional approach is that things that make it through the barrier can be trusted. This is a dangerous assumption. Learn how ZTN is turning the traditional approach on its head.

Get started

If you are looking to improve your security posture, consider ZTN. Learn the best practices for moving to a ZTN architecture, the steps that enterprises are beginning to take on that journey, and the vendor offers that help. Get to know ZTN and don’t be the mark.



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