Attendees can expect 2 focused days of discussion and education with world leaders in Identity Management, Security, Privacy, Innovation, and Governance practices.

Overall Conference Schedule

Tuesday to Wednesday

Jan. 16/17

Main Conference Presentations and Panels


Main Conference Details 

Tuesday Jan. 16

Main Hall

8:00a – 8:40a

Introduction, Conference Keynote. “We can do Better”

Speaker: Gary Rowe, CEO and Principal Consulting Analyst, TechVision Research

The conference and this session will address opportunities to improve our industry, improve decision making for large enterprises, architect more future-proof solutions and to get many of the greatest minds in our industry collectively and proactively working to address core problems head on. This session also describes the overall conference agenda and takeaways organizations should garner from Chrysalis IV.

Digital engagement is becoming increasingly pervasive and complex. While the modern Digital Enterprise offers a plethora of benefits including direct customer interactions, cost savings, increased employee productivity and new business models, areas such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), Governance, Security/Risk and Privacy often haven’t kept pace with the rapid digital advancements. In fact, many of the challenges faced decades ago in IAM/Security are still prevalent today including lack of integration of multiple incompatible identity stores, cumbersome password-based authentication, lack of consistent enforcement of security policies, the proliferation of personal data, difficultly scaling systems, lack of a solid trust foundation…While new solutions/technologies and standards are designed to  address these  and other issues, many of these core problems still persist at large organizations.

Main Hall

8:45a – 9:40a

The Enterprise Digital Journey; Start with your IAM Foundation

Speakers: Doug Simmons and Gary Rowe, TechVision Research, Pam Dingle, Microsoft, Matt Graves, OpenText, IBM, Martin Sandren, IKEA.
This session will focus on how IAM platforms are evolving to encompass more and more aspects of a complete IAM/IGA/PAM solution for organizations. Vendors such as Microsoft, Okta, CyberArk, Thoma Bravo’s IAM/IGA portfolio companies (Ping, ForgeRock, SailPoint), OpenText, IBM and others are taking big steps towards becoming complete integrated platform providers and will be evaluated as enterprise future state platforms. At a minimum we expect enterprise future state IAM strategies to support new objects (customers, partners, services, “things”), increased scale, increased integration, improved user experience (all users; developers, end-users, administrators, partners…) greater flexibility and the movement of resources to the cloud.

This session will focus on how IAM platforms are evolving to encompass more and more aspects of a complete IAM/IGA/PAM solution for organizations. Vendors such as Microsoft, Okta, CyberArk, Thoma Bravo’s IAM/IGA portfolio companies (Ping, ForgeRock, SailPoint), OpenText, IBM and others are taking big steps towards becoming complete integrated platform providers and will be evaluated as enterprise future state platforms.

At a minimum we expect enterprise future state IAM strategies to support new objects (customers, partners, services, “things”), increased scale, increased integration, and improved user experience (all users; developers, end-users, administrators, partners…) greater flexibility and the movement of resources to the cloud. 

Main Hall

9:45a – 10:40a

Modernizing Your Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Foundation


Kevin Kampman, TechVision Research, Jackson Shaw, Clear Skye, Mike Kaiser, SailPoint,  Jeff Margolies, Saviynt.


This panel session will start with an IGA level-set, the reasons why it is growing in importance, the expected future state and key enterprise requirements.
While IGA will over time become part of the future state integrated IAM platform, it is an increasingly important element of an enterprise governance and IAM foundation. IGA is critical in properly managing, protecting and building out your modern digital enterprise, but must fit within an overarching enterprise governance program. IGA done right maps and enforces business policy, security controls, administration and consistent governance into your IAM program…but IGA and governance in general is challenged by the scale, volatility, complexity and speed of the modern digital enterprise.

IGA is about how we provision and govern access and how we define policies and ensure execution. IGA and governance in general faces a major challenge; it involves people that need to define policies, approve changes and execute. But there are some great products and services and new approaching towards providing a modern IGA foundation and we’ll have the opportunity to get a fresh perspective on the strategies and future state from key IGA providers and attendees will get to provide their input towards this future state.

Main Hall

10:45a – 11:40a

Next Generation Authentication

Speakers: Gary Rowe and Sorell Slaymaker, TechVision, Andrew Shikiar, FIDO Alliance, Pam Dingle, Microsoft.


At this forward-looking conference session, speakers delve into the next generation of authentication technology. A key element of next generation authentication is moving away from passwords and we’ll hear from the FIDO Alliance as they are instrumental in leading the charge towards passkeys led by vendors such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and many others. We’ll discuss where passkeys are going, expected adoption and the impact on large enterprises. The session also addresses the challenges of balancing user convenience with security and privacy concerns. The goal is to equip organizations with knowledge to adopt authentication mechanisms that are both robust against threats and intuitive for users.

Main Hall

11:45a – 12:40p

AI – Forever Changing the Identity and Security Landscape

Speakers: Gary Rowe, TechVision Research, Barbara Starr, TechVision Research, Chris Wolf, VMWare, Diana Kelley, Protect AI, Malcolm Harkins, Reveald.

This incisive conference session scrutinizes the dual nature of AI's role in identity and security. It highlights AI's benefits in revolutionizing authentication and threat intelligence, offering unprecedented efficiency and predictive capabilities. However, the discourse shifts to acknowledge the threats AI poses, such as the creation of sophisticated cyber-attacks and potential privacy invasions. The dialogue bridges the promise of AI in automating security protocols with cautionary tales of its misuse. Attendees gain a nuanced understanding of AI's transformative power, alongside strategies to mitigate its risks, ensuring a future where technology fortifies security without compromising ethical standards.

Main Hall

12:45p – 1:40p

Identity Legends Panel

Speakers: Gary Rowe, TechVision Research, Martin Kuppinger, Kuppinger Cole, Andre Durand, Ping Identity, Eve Maler, Venn Factory, Lori Robinson, SalesForce, Kevin Kampman, TechVision Research

This session will reflect on what we covered thus far on Day 1 and what we should cover going forward with a discussion about by the “legends” of our industry. This panel will circle back to our theme of “we can do better” in assessing the past, present and desired future of IAM.

These leaders will discuss, debate, address key questions and provide advice to our attendees. The focus will be on how large organizations architect and develop strategies in the Identity Management area that support the Digital Enterprise. This will include pragmatic advice for the enterprise and the overall industry as to how we might approach lingering challenges and how we might prepare for the expected future. This session will leverage the expertise of both the legends and the audience to better frame the problems and potential solutions for enterprises and the industry. If these problems were easy to solve, we wouldn’t be debating some of the same issues we were discussing 30 years ago.

The “legends” are the real leaders in this space from those who have built products and services to top industry analysts, thought leaders, visionaries and experienced practitioners in this area.  

Main Hall

1:45p – 2:40p

A New Era of Digital Trust and User Centric Identity

Speakers: David Goodman, TechVision Research, Mike Neunschwander, Kuppinger Cole, David Mahdi, Transmit Security.


We’ve been talking about User Centric Identity for decades and Decentralized Identity/Verifiable Credentials for the past decade; The session examines where we are and where the industry should be going in the context of a user-centric digital trust foundation. With Microsoft, Ping Identity, IBM and others now supporting some form of user-centric identity, we’ll discusses how these components work in tandem to provide secure, user-centric identity management and authentication for people, digital services, and physical devices. With decentralized identity, users gain sovereignty over their data. Verifiable credentials offer a portable and authoritative form of identification, while reputation systems evaluate the credibility of entities within the network. This integrated approach promises to enhance privacy, reduce fraud, and create a seamless trust model across various digital and physical platforms and is the subject of this session.


Main Hall

2:5p – 3:00p

Day 1 Summary and Q&A

Speakers: Gary Rowe, Kevin Kampman, Doug Simmons, Gary Zimmerman, TechVision Research.

The session invites attendees and presenters to join a discussion of the topics covered and includes an opportunity for questions to be answered by experts outside of the formal agenda.

Wednesday Jan. 17

Main Hall

8:00a – 8:40a

Day 2 Opening Remarks

Speakers: Gary Rowe
This session will reflect on key observations, recommendations, and take-aways from our discussions on day one and describe what we will be covering on day two.
Attendees gain a broad understanding of these critical cybersecurity components. The session introduces the concepts of advanced authorization, zero trust principles, and the importance of PAM in securing privileged access. While not delving into in-depth details, the presentation equips participants with a foundational knowledge of these key aspects, setting the stage for further exploration and implementation in later sessions.

Main Hall

8:45a – 9:40a

Security Legends Panel

Speakers:Gary Rowe (moderator), Sorell Slaymaker, Fred Cohen, Management Analytics/TechVision Research, Steve Roberts, Honda CISO, Diana Kelley, Protect AI.

In a riveting session, cybersecurity luminaries unpack the latest digital security trends, threats, and innovations. They dissect the escalating cyber-arms race, with AI-driven attacks and defenses taking center stage. Panelists debate the implications of quantum computing on encryption, while also examining the proliferation of IoT devices as a broadening attack surface. They highlight the critical need for proactive threat hunting and advanced incident response strategies. Emerging solutions like autonomous response systems, machine learning for anomaly detection, and the integration of behavioral biometrics for authentication are discussed as keys to fortifying digital fortresses in an increasingly interconnected world.

Main Hall

9:45a – 10:10a

Zero Trust / Zero Friction

Speakers: Sorell Slaymaker, TechVision Research.


This session introduces the "zero trust, zero friction" paradigm, a visionary approach to cybersecurity that aims to fortify defenses without compromising user experience. It discusses how zero trust principles demand verification at every interaction, ensuring only authenticated and authorized access to resources. Simultaneously, the session explores innovative strategies to minimize user friction, utilizing advanced technologies like AI and machine learning for smart, context-aware authentication processes. The conversation balances the necessity of rigorous security checks with the need for seamless access, illustrating a future where robust security measures underpin a user-friendly digital ecosystem.

Main Hall

10:15a – 10:40a

Experiences with Zero Trust and IAM

Speakers: Gary Rowe, TechVision, Andrew Cameron, GM

During the session, Andrew Cameron, a spokesperson for GM, shares an engaging narrative of their Zero Trust and IAM adoption.

He outlines the cultural shift required for Zero Trust, emphasizing no trust is given without verification, enhancing security across their vast network. Andrew discusses the integration of IAM, which streamlined user access while reinforcing control. He candidly addresses challenges, such as retrofitting these concepts into GM’s complex legacy systems. Success stories include thwarted attacks and improved operational efficiency. Andrew concludes with key takeaways on the strategic planning and employee buy-in that underscored their successful implementation, offering a valuable blueprint for similar enterprises.

Main Hall

10:45a – 11:25a

Next Generation Authorization

Speakers: Nathanael Coffing, TechVision Research, Gerry Gebel, Strata Identity.

The conference session on "Next-generation Authorization" will delve into advanced strategies and technologies shaping the future of digital authorization.
This session focuses on key areas including step-up authorization mechanisms, which dynamically adjust security levels based on situational risk. The role of least privilege access strategies, ensuring users have access only to necessary resources, will also be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on the integration of real-time access decisions driven by contextual analytics, utilizing AI and machine learning for enhanced security. The session will explore the impact of these technologies in maintaining robust security protocols, alongside considerations for privacy and compliance in a complex digital environment. 

Main Hall

11:30a – 11:55p

Trends in API Security

Speakers: Nathaneal Coffing, TechVision Research, David Mahdi, Transmit Security.

In this illuminating conference session, attendees gain a deep understanding of the latest trends in API security. Experts delve into the evolving landscape of Application Programming Interface (API) vulnerabilities, emphasizing the importance of proactive measures to combat emerging threats. The session explores advancements in authentication methods, including OAuth and JWT, and their impact on securing API endpoints. Attendees learn about the increasing adoption of AI and machine learning for anomaly detection and behavior analysis in API security. With real-world case studies and best practices, this session equips participants with the knowledge to stay ahead of the curve in safeguarding APIs in an ever-changing digital environment.

Main Hall

12:00p – 12:40p

The Expanding Role of PAM

Speakers: Doug Simmons, TechVision Research, Jeff Margolies, Saviynt
In this insightful conference session, the expanding role of Privileged Access Management (PAM) takes center stage. Experts delve into how PAM has evolved beyond its traditional boundaries to become a critical component of cybersecurity. The session explores PAM's enhanced role in safeguarding not only privileged accounts but also devices, applications, and data. Attendees gain a deep understanding of the latest PAM trends, including cloud-based PAM solutions, machine learning for anomalous behavior detection, just-in-time access, automation in granting and revoking privileges, and the integration of PAM with Identity and Access Management (IAM). With practical insights and case studies, this session equips organizations with the knowledge to effectively manage and secure privileged access in an increasingly complex and interconnected digital landscape.

Main Hall

12:45p – 1:25p

Controlling Your Destiny


Dan Blum and Gary Rowe TechVision Research, Lisa Lang, San Diego Gas and Electric.
This session describes how enterprises can better control their own destiny with respect to securing, governing, provisioning, scaling and architecting their digital foundation.

TechVision will describe processes and tools such as capability-based reference architectures that better position large enterprises to drive their suppliers, integrators, and internal resources to make better decisions and thoughtfully build out their foundation.  This session will include getting an end-user perspective on how this model works, lessons learned and recommendations for other organizations. 

Main Hall

1:30p – 2:00p

Closing Remarks and Q&A

Speakers: TechVision Consulting Anlaysts, and other invited experts

The session invites attendees and presenters to join a discussion of the topics covered on day 2, a discussion of the event itself, and includes an opportunity for questions to be answered on topics covered throughout the conference.

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