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IoT as A Security Risk Amplifier


Bill Bonney
Principal Consulting Analyst

Scott David, J.D.
Principal Consulting Analyst

If we look past the fear and hype of connecting autonomous and semi- autonomous devices together in the so-called “Internet of Things” or IoT, there is a sea change in how we empower the worker, enhance the workplace and go to market. The IoT is permanently changing business models in every industry and, as importantly, the Connected Worker is first a Connected Consumer who carries personal communication devices and a myriad of sensors with them at all times. The combination of enhanced tracking through RFID (radio frequency identification); monitoring through device-borne, embedded, and wearable sensors; and autonomous or remote control of adjustable mobile devices that are connected to, or share, an organization’s network is amplifying the current risks of existing IT systems and creating new risks that must be cataloged, ranked, and addressed. This is what we seek to understand and manage. In this report, we will leave the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) aside, ignore the hype, and look at the real risks facing the enterprise due to the exploding use of personal devices.

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