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Fixing the Fundamentals – The Business Blueprint


Noreen Kendle
Principal Consulting Analyst

Organizations need a business blueprint.  Most everything in a typical organization today is based on its data representation: from recording and operations to predicting, planning, reporting, as well as decision-making.  Yet data challenges have become one of the most underestimated issues organizations face today.   TechVision has found that many organizations are in a dysfunctional cycle of data chaos where data fundamentals are typically disjointed, untrustworthy, redundant, large, and complex.

Historically, data was believed to be a technology component, but that fundamental understanding of data is flawed. Data is a representation of the real world, its things, events, and their relationships.  Thus data truly is an important business asset and not a technology component.  This misunderstanding of data is at the core of our broken fundamentals of data that has led to many of our data challenges.   In this report, we shift the focus from data symptoms to the real problem: the broken fundamentals of data. Specifically, this report addresses the first of five steps to take, leveraging a Business Blueprint to effectively establish a sustainable business to data connection.

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