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Privacy and Consent

As companies collect more customer data to drive digital transformation efforts, consumers and the governments that represent them have growing expectations around transparency in how their data is collected, and the laws that govern the usage and reporting of this data.

How do you maintain privacy in a world where everything and everyone is connected by technology designed to openly interconnect people, devices, activities, relationships, tastes and preferences?


Client Struggles

  • Using big data responsibly
  • Legislative inconsistency
  • Reputation protection
  • Policy compliance across the information asset lifecycle
  • Producing evidence of proper controls and effective use
  • Risk of unauthorized access or misuse
  • Impact of a data loss
  • Impact of new technology

How TechVision is helping

  • Governance and operating model
  • Inventory / data mapping
  • Interpreting regulatory change
  • Risk and Control assessments and recommendations
  • Information asset lifecycle management
  • Mapping policies to value-add governance
  • Processes, procedures, technologies
  • Security for privacy
  • Third party management
  • Training and awareness
  • Building monitoring and incident management proficiency

Practice Leads

Scott David

Scott David

Principal Consulting Analyst

David Goodman

David Goodman

Principal Consulting Analyst



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