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EU Identity and Privacy Regulation Workshop

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Your job it is to minimize the unauthorized disclosure of protected information.

Data privacy is a juggling act in multinational organizations when it comes to fulfilling the needs of the organization and complying with local privacy laws. Ultimately, data privacy boils down to protecting the information held about individuals to prevent others from accessing their personal information and/or stealing their identity. But getting the job done is hard, especially if you don’t manage the basics.

To be successful, you’ll need to …

  • Be the champion of privacy and security policies for confidential information
  • and give employees and staff the knowledge and tools they need to be proper guardians
  • while enforcing, auditing and documenting compliance
  • and continuously monitor and respond to new legislative and regulatory directives.

But these tasks are not easily done. The business has been doing things the current way forever and habits are hard to break.  You have to make progress by …

  • Defining proper business data ethics; going beyond what’s required to what’s right.
  • and ensuring protected data remains approachable by balancing privacy, access, and data value.
  • and making sure privacy is considered in every IT decision.
  • and defining the vital characteristics of the data you’re protecting because your data lifecycle isn’t complete without these answers.

Let TechVision Research help you make progress. Our advisory workshops are designed to help you understand the basics, what you are doing well, and what you might need to improve.

A Facilitated Two-day, Highly Interactive EU Identity and Privacy Regulation Workshop  

TechVision Research’s EU Identity & Privacy Regulation workshop sets the foundation for the strategic management of the legislation – a necessity for doing business within Europe’s Digital Single Market.

During the workshop, TechVision Research leverages an innovative format that engages the entire organization: business and technical executives, architects, process owners, application developers and IT operations. The workshop follows a proven and highly effective methodology. 

In the workshop you’ll learn tips and techniques that will help you…

  • Understand what you need to know about the e-Identity and Authentication Services (eIDAS) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ) legislation
  • Evaluate the upcoming EU regulation and usage models as they pertain to identity, trust services and data protection
  • Determine how the new EU regulations impact a company’s global identity and privacy architecture
  • Internally communicate the challenges and opportunities available as well as the consequences of non-compliance
  • Turn the legislative changes into business and early adopter advantage.

Your workshop leader

David Goodman

David Goodman

Principal Consulting Analyst

David is a Principal Consulting Analyst at TechVision Research. He has over 25 years experience in senior identity management positions in Europe and the US. He led two prominent pioneering EC-funded identity/security projects and worked for IBM, firstly with Lotus in the Notes/ Domino product management team and later with Tivoli’s security division.

He has led several start-ups in the identity space and eight years in senior product management roles for telecom providers Apertio, Nokia Siemens Networks and Ericsson. His work has included data-base and directory services technologies and architecture, meta-directory services, role management and role-based access controls, digital certificates and PKI.

More recently he has been engaged with privacy and trust services, cloud services, big data analytics and the Internet of Things. He has worked as a technology analyst and consulted with some of the largest companies in Europe and the US. He has particular insights in European privacy/regulatory environment, European clients and vendors. For 13 years he was chairman of EEMA, a leading European identity and security member-ship association.

Workshop deliverable


In addition to all materials created and shared in the workshop itself, the client receives a workshop summary in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. The consultant will conduct an online web meeting to deliver the findings and suggested recommendations.

Find out if this workshop is right for you.




Typical workshop agenda

Day One

Session One: Understanding the Landscape

Introduction and Historical Context

  • Overview of the state of legislation today and how it operates across the EU Member States
  • The Digital Single Market: the ambition and business case eIDAS: e-Identity and Trust Services
  • Background and early initiatives
  • The eIDAS legislation
  • Impact on the private sector, European and international

Session Two: Defining the Challenge 

One-on-one Meetings with Executives

  • Workshop leader meets 1:1 with key executives
  • Determine key challenges to the business operating within Europe today and recalibrating how that might change going forward and apply to the IT organization.

Day Two

Session Three: Privacy and Data Protection GDPR:

General Data Protection Regulation

  • Background and drivers
  • The GDPR legislation
  • Impact on the private sector, European and international

Session Four: Next Steps and Recommendations

EU Regulations in the Real WorldTips for preparing your organization for the coming changes

  • How to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the new legislation and how to avoid the pitfalls
  • Examples and use cases

Find out if this workshop is right for you.





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