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The following is an early sampling of the sessions we’ll be covering in November. Every topic, presenter, vendor panel, level-set analyst session and  case study will focus on helping large end-user organization’s make the right technology decisions. 

Session Overviews

Conference Agenda and Goals

By Gary Rowe – CEO, Principal Consulting Analyst, TechVision Research


Conference Theme; Safe Digital Transformation

By Karen Hobert – Principle Consulting Analyst, TechVision Research

Developing a DevSecOps Program and Reference Architecture

By Chris Haddad, Patrick McClory- Principal Consulting Analysts, TechVision Research

New Security Models

By Jamie Lewis – Venture Partner, Rain Capital, Former CEO/Research Chair, Burton Group

Zero Trust Architecture and Zero Trust Networking; Reality Check 

By Sorell Slaymaker – Principal Consulting Analyst, TechVision Research

Multi Factor Authentication

By Doug Simmons – Managing Director, TechVision Research

The Future of Identity Management

By Gary Rowe, Doug Simmons – TechVision Research

Setting "Great Expectations"

Gary will set the stage for the event.

  • He’ll discuss why he developed the conference and how it’s different than other technology conferences available today.
  • He’ll outline what you’ll experience in the sessions and interactions, and more importantly, what you won’t see as the agenda progresses.
  • And finally, he’ll provide a roadmap of the conference journey, highlighting critical topics, issues, and decisions you’ll encounter as the journey ends.
Chrysalis = Metamorphosis

The theme for our 2019 conference is chrysalis.

So why Chrysalis? In nature, chrysalis can describe the process of developing, the journey between the cocoon state of a caterpillar through to the transformation of a beautiful butterfly. In the same way, enterprises are undergoing a profound metamorphisis.

For years, experts have been promoting and enterprises have been investing in digital transformation in response to the threat of business disruption and the abundance of technical possibilities. But many of those efforts fall short of expectations, because they address technology issues without caring for larger business issues.

In this session, Karen will describe TechVision’s safe digital transformation reference architecture as a foundation for you to assess the key elements you’ll need to address as you safely execute on a digital strategy.

Solving for security in an agile development world

New development models are integral to most enterprises future-state architectures…but they must be secured and properly orchestrated. This session describes TechVision’s DevSecOps reference architecture and key enterprise planning considerations/business benefits.

Aligning security posture and cloud-native architectures

This session describes new methods, capabilities, and instrumentation to protect business assets in cloud-native environments. Enterprises need to apply DevOps concepts to security, understand the role of a service mesh, and employ detection engineering to secure cloud-native systems.

A pragmatic perspective on Zero Trust and its role in supporting safe digital transformation

This session describes the basics of Zero Trust Architecture down to the network level and provides guidelines as to how and when organizations should be embracing ZTN.

Multi-factor authentication both internally and when engaging customers is covered in this session.

This session digs into the technology, the key trends and business drivers behind the emergence of MFA as a necessity.

Key future-state trends for Identity and Access Management to use in architecting your next generation service portfolio

We’ll start with the updated TechVision “top 10 list” of key IAM trends to factor into your enterprise plans. This is sure to include Customer IAM (CIAM), IDentity of Things (IDoT), decentralized identity, Identity and security microservices and a comprehensive and integrated governance model.

More to come, including …

Several panel discussions to dig deeper into vendor’s current and planned offerings and strategies, industry standards progress, end-user experience, discussions and debates by subject matter experts around specific topics.  Most of these discussions will be framed by TechVision Research Principal Consulting Analysts or selected industry experts. Areas being considered for these panel discussions include:


  • Decentralized Identity (built on blockchain)—status, approaches and timing for end-user deployments
  • When will  “Full Service IDaaS” be available to the enterprise?
  • Next Generation Authentication; MFA, Adaptive Authentication and other models
  • Security Legends Panel
  • Identity and Access Management Legends Panel

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