TechVision Research Conference

November 11-14, 2019, San Diego

chrysalisevent2 Conference 2019

A note from CEO / Founder Gary Rowe


Since forming TechVision Research, I have been asked hundreds of times by those that knew and loved the old Burton Catalyst Conference (given its pragmatic, technically deep, strongly independent, and end-user focused themes) as to when TechVision would be producing our own conference. While this feedback indicated there was an unmet market need I thought we could address, I didn’t want to settle for just another event…Our first conference had to be a highly valuable, relevant, collaborative, immersive, educational and timely experience for our clients. 

Now, 3½ years after the starting TechVision Research we have the right foundation; a diverse and world-class Principal Consulting Analyst team, a research and consulting customer base we regularly interact with and a portfolio of research and analysis that allow us to deliver what our customers have been asking for—an independent event packed with valuable information and pragmatic insights, free of vendor bias, and solely focused on addressing the critical needs of large end-user organizations.

I’m proud to announce that we will host the first annual TechVision conference from November 11th – 14th in San Diego. As I describe in my blog, The Soul of a New Research Company, we are building a new type of research company and this is reflected in our conference. Large enterprises have major challenges as they “keep the plane in the air” while building the next generation aircraft…and keeping it all secure. The theme of our inaugural event is Chrysalis which we’ll describe below. As enterprises consider new business models and supporting technologies, we believe it is critical to assemble the right infrastructure, participate in the right foundational ecosytems and, above all, keep it secure.  

Last, but not least, we expect our first event to be fully subscribed and I want to make sure that everyone has a fair chance to participate. While our research clients will have a block of tickets reserved, we will give those interested in our conference two ways of staying in touch; first, you can put your name on a “wait list” and as we finalize our packages and registration systems, you will have the “first right of refusal” for event tickets and second, you can sign up for updates. I look forward to seeing you in San Diego at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in November and thanks for your support.


Why Chrysalis

For many enterprises, the future is becoming less predictable. The velocity and impact of disruption is accelerating at Internet speed. Changing to survive and grow has become a reality for most businesses. Customer preferences change, competitors gain traction, and new technology emerges that invalidate years of success. For years enterprises have been investing in digital transformation in response to the threat of disruption. But many of those efforts fall short of expectations, because they address technology issues without caring for larger business issues. The theme “chrysalis” was developed to focus on the evolution of the business beyond the technology in order to deliver the success the business needs.

chrysalisevent2 Conference 2019


We’re developing the agenda to provide technology level sets, hype reality checks, and pragmatic advice for some of the more disruptive and heavily touted technologies. Through a mix of our primary research, end-user case studies, and vendor/end-user/industry panels we’ll cover topics in depth, but tempered with the pragmatism deep and diverse experience brings.

chrysalisevent2 Conference 2019

Our conference will:

  • Be staunchly independent—no “pay to play” sponsors with speaking slots
  • Focus on best practices for the end-user and the industry
  • Provide pragmatic, actionable, stake-in-the-ground positions and recommendations—not fluff, hype or “marketectures”
  • Focus on the “Intersection of Wall Street and Silicon Valley” consistent with TechVision’s mission; helping large organizations proactively and appropriately balance old and new business models and technologies
  • Provide an environment that supports interaction, debate, and discussion designed to, ultimately, help to move technology users forward.



Day 1 – Monday

Nov, 11

Immersion Workshops



Days 2, 3 – Tuesday, Wednesday

Nov, 12-13

Main Conference Presentations and Panels



Day 4 – Thursday

Nov, 14

Immersion Workshops


Early topics include:

chrysalisevent2 Conference 2019

Digital Transformation Reference Architecture

chrysalisevent2 Conference 2019

Future of Identity Management

chrysalisevent2 Conference 2019

Multi-Factor and Adaptive Authentication

chrysalisevent2 Conference 2019

Decentralized Identity

chrysalisevent2 Conference 2019

Developing an Innovation Architecture

chrysalisevent2 Conference 2019

DevSecOps Reference Architecture

Featured Talks & Speakers

Our Principal Consulting Analysts are trusted to support the most critical and difficult technology decisions your organization will make. The experience and diversity of our team provides business-level support and vision for CXOs and senior IT executives as well as pragmatic architecture and deep technology analysis for in-house architects and subject matter experts. We have highlighted a few of early featured speakers here and we’ll be  adding many more as we finalize the agenda.

chrysalisevent2 Conference 2019

Karen Hobert

Digital Transformation and Collaboration

chrysalisevent2 Conference 2019

Gary Rowe

Identity, Innovation and Technology

chrysalisevent2 Conference 2019

Doug Simmons

Identity and Security

Pricing &  Registration

Prices currently being finalized and formal registration should be opened up later in March. Discounts will be applied for early registration and group purchases. TechVision Research clients will get additional discounts and will have a block of tickets reserved. Signing up for the wait list will lock-in your discount rate and ticket availability as long as you register within 15 days of price notification.

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