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Research Catalogue

Through our in-depth reports, TechVision Research provides early perspectives on key technology trends which help our clients stay ahead of the disruptive technology challenges they’ll face. Our research agenda uncovers key technology inflection points and defines their impact by applying technical depth, pragmatic business experience, and rigorous analysis. This catalogue summarizes our current research focus covering critical technology areas impacting the enterprise.

Complimentary eBook

IAM Reference Architecture

There are many challenges are driving companies to reevaluate their current IAM solution, but it’s hard to tell where the current IAM capabilities may be impacted and how to prioritize any change efforts. That’s why we developed the first TechVision Research Reference Architecture for IAM, a tool that provides a comprehensive methodology for assessing requirements and architecting optimal IAM solutions.

The TechVision Research Reference Architecture for IAM is a master template that identifies the IAM capabilities (rather than technologies) that can be improved or enabled, allowing business stakeholders and technical architects to achieve a common language for IAM functions, which can then be refined over time.

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