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Zero Trust Networking


Sorell Slaymaker – Principal Consulting Analyst


The combination of a largely disappearing perimeter, increased enterprise security threats and escalating damages resulting from breaches has introduced stronger levels of inspection and overall security. This includes a new security model called a zero-trust network architecture in which NOTHING on the network is trusted. Zero Trust Networking focuses on locking down all aspects of the network, inside and outside of traditional firewalls.

The goal of a Zero Trust Network (ZTN) is to stop malicious traffic at the edge of the network, before it is allowed to discover, identify, and target other networked devices. Getting to ZTN is just a continuation of the migration from zone-based network security models, to micro-segmentation, down to ZTN which is every user, device, service, and application.

This report describes what a Zero Trust Network is, the compelling case for moving to a ZTN, roadblocks faced, migration planning, and, to better understand the vulnerabilities, we provide mechanisms for measuring network attack surfaces.  We also provide a detailed set of best practice recommendations and a summary of vendors participating in this space.

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