Internet of Things

Internet of Things Reality Check


Bill Bonney
Principal Consulting Analyst

At TechVision, we believe there is significant value in cutting through the hype surrounding the impact of connecting autonomous and semi-autonomous devices together in the Internet of Things (IoT). While much of the press coverage centers on the direct impact on humans (self-driving cars, automated appliances, etc.), the economic engine driving IoT are the billions of interactions we will never see. There will certainly be value derived from exposing every consumer to data-driven outcomes, but there will be significantly greater value created by putting every supply chain, production line, maintenance process, and support manager in touch with large pools of product-focused data that will cause an explosion in optimization within every industry to take place and then allow companies to both open new markets and develop new ways to deliver value to customers. In this report, we focus on the pure potential of IoT and how an enterprise may best leverage this potential. More importantly, in this report we lay out the key challenges one must overcome before even attempting to leverage IoT.

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