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Multicloud Cybersecurity Reference Architecture


Dan Blum – Principal Consulting Analyst



 TechVision emphasizes that organizations must transform themselves into Digital Enterprises in our research reports, events, and consulting engagements. In the wake of the pandemic, becoming a secure Digital Enterprise has morphed from being a “nice to have” to a matter of survival. It demands organizations develop agile and adaptive security programs and technology capabilities well-aligned with business and IT. Only through these capabilities can Digital Enterprises safely optimize responses to business opportunities, regulatory requirements, and changing IT environments or threat landscapes in today’s environment. 

This report provides a Multicloud Cybersecurity Reference Architecture and guidance for digital enterprises. It contains business and technical views that security teams can customize to fit their specific needs. It describes high-level functional components and capabilities, maps them to industry-standard control frameworks, and identifies the business stakeholders to align with for the purpose of adapting to local conditions. This report can be used by security/risk teams and executive leadership to get a logical understanding of security capabilities, enable cross-functional alignment of security projects or activities, measure their effectiveness, and facilitate compliance toward securely supporting the digital transformation of an organization. 

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