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The Future of Identity Management (2018-2023)


Gary Rowe – CEO / Principal Consulting Analyst

Nick Nikols – Managing Director, Research / Principal Consulting Analyst

Doug Simmons – Managing Director, Consulting / Principal Consulting Analyst


Identity Management is at the epicenter of digital transformation and the next generation of enterprise IT. The corresponding changes in identity systems and services over the next five years are expected to be as disruptive as the new business models, applications and ecosystems they are supporting.

This highly actionable report is designed to support enterprise technology infrastructure and business transformation plans.  We believe that a critical element of an enterprise technology strategy and business transformation program is getting Identity and Access Management (IAM) right. And given the accelerating changes in business, technology and IAM we are looking to provide guidance to our enterprise clients as to where the puck is going; as it is traveling really fast with many disruptive forces in play.

We make specific projections as to where we believe Identity Management will be going over the next five years and we describe a model for identity abstraction that provides an extensible services oriented architecture. We include newer disruptive models such as DevOps/microservices in identity systems, cloud-based IAM, self-sovereign identity leveraging blockchain, IoT support, evolving privacy regulations, and new governance and provisioning models.

To provide our clients with the most comprehensive view of Identity Management, we augment our own expertise with the insights a few of the top thought leaders and industry experts to deliver a comprehensive perspective on the Future of Identity Management.

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