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An Operating Model for the Digital Enterprise


Gary Zimmerman – CMO, Principal Consulting Analyst



Over the years TechVision has described the technical and architectural elements of a modern Digital Enterprise. As organizations have “transformed” their businesses to be largely digital, we’ll now focus on the various components and organizational models that make up and sustain a successful digital enterprise. The report covers the organizational construct, which details how to form a cohesive organizational structure where the value chain and support functions are linked and properly placed within the organization. It also covers digital governance, which explores how processes and activities are managed and governed, with a particular focus on a digital governance framework.

The report also addresses key areas such as decision rights and management rhythm, including how important decisions are made and the processes that are used to manage performance. A people model framework is also discussed, including the types of skills that the organization wants to attract, and how talent will be curated, created, and cultivated. As digital morphs into every aspect of business, this report looks at how organizations can best map their business models into adaptive and sustainable digital programs.

The report ends by exploring business partnerships, identifying organizations that are digital partners rather than transactional suppliers, and finally, a location footprint is also covered, including where work and assets are located and the reasoning behind those choices.

This comprehensive overview of the key elements of a digital operating model offers insights and guidance for organizations looking to improve their digital performance.

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