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Digital Identity Wallets


David Goodman, D. Phil – Principal Consulting Analyst


The tech world has been striving to find an approach to the various aspects of the identity problem for several decades. There have been any number of false dawns and many lessons learnt along the way and inevitably there is a sense that we must be getting closer to a solution set that would work across many if not all vertical sectors and geographic domains.

Most recently, the potential of distributed ledgers, self-sovereign identities and decentralized identities has generated considerable excitement and expectation. Digital identity wallets are the latest approach to get widespread attention, notably in Europe where the European Union has invested large sums to make digital identity wallets available to all its citizens for use in both public and private applications by 2026.

However, digital wallets are not new and have been available from the likes of Apple, Google, and Samsung as well as numerous payments companies for over ten years, and it is an open question as to how the established players will interact with the newcomers emerging in the European market. At heart is the challenge of interoperability between providers and an agreed set of standards to support giving consumers / citizens a valid choice.

As one notable panelist at Chrysalis IV observed, the emergence of decentralized identities is going to be highly disruptive, and we can expect the identity tools we are familiar with will have to be re-imagined. In this report, we focus on digital identity wallets as one aspect of this trend.

This report covers:

  • The digital identity wallet value proposition and the opportunities and challenges for the enterprise
  • TechVision Research’s analysis of digital identity wallet providers
  • Seven steps an enterprise should take to best leverage digital identity wallets.

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