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Developing an Enterprise Blockchain Strategy


Gary Zimmerman – CMO/Principal Consulting Analyst

Gary Rowe – CEO/Principal Consulting Analyst


Blockchain is one of the more heavily-hyped technologies to emerge in decades; right up there with Artificial Intelligence. The good news is that this high level of attention has resulted in massive investment and rapid growth in this space; the bad news is that it has also resulted in confusion and unrealistic expectations. But what does this mean for large enterprises? How much should be invested in these nascent technologies? When will it be ready for production use at scale? How should an organization prepare for a future wave of blockchain-enabled applications? These are the types of questions we’ll look to answer, or at least address, in this report.

TechVision believes that blockchain technology shows real potential as a core enabling technology, in particular when transactions leave the corporate boundaries. Today, significant wait time, processing power and manual efforts are required to verify, post and reconcile transactions and blockchain has characteristics that can streamline business processes and eliminate chokepoints in a secure and auditable way.

This report focuses on describing what blockchain is and what it isn’t, the various blockchain categories, key vendor offerings, notable industry initiatives and a series of recommendations for our enterprise clients.  In short, we’ll provide a level-set to help our clients develop strategies around and determine appropriate investment levels in blockchain and related technologies.


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