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CyberArk Expands IAM/Security Capabilities


Doug Simmons – Principal Consulting Analyst

Gary Rowe – CEO, Principal Consulting Analyst




Over the course of the past few years, CyberArk – arguably the global leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions has embarked on an aggressive journey to expand its enterprise footprint. In particular, the company has oriented its existing products and introduced new functionality to become much more competitive in the Access Management (AM) security space – specifically, through its SaaS subscription sales and deployment model.

Because CyberArk has developed such a large customer base for its PAM capabilities, there exists a compelling reason to now compare them with leading AM vendors such as Microsoft, Okta, Ping, and ForgeRock. Furthermore, this propensity for more robust forms of authentication and authorization for enterprise knowledge workers who typically access large amounts of sensitive company information on a regular basis makes CyberArk’s privileged access pedigree worthy of consideration.

In this report, we provide a thorough inspection of CyberArk’s current product offerings and sales strategy. We then map the existing CyberArk suite onto our IAM Reference Architecture to clearly show where they fit in the IAM landscape. Lastly, we conclude with a set of pragmatic recommendations and an enterprise action plan for potentially broader CyberArk deployment considerations.

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