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The Business Data Foundation for the Digital Enterprise


Noreen Kendle, Principal Consulting Analyst


Organizations are investing heavily in moving many traditional systems and services to digital; becoming what we call the Digital Enterprise. One of the biggest challenges as organizations face in this journey is having the right data foundation; having consistent, accurate and business-relevant data readily accessible. This report looks at the data foundation starting with business data needs and how to architect, design and build systems to consistently deliver on these accelerating business data requirements. 

This report is designed to help organizations build a solid data foundation so critical in building and maintaining your Digital Enterprise. Getting the data right is an area that is often ignored or overlooked, but we believe this is one of the most important areas any large enterprise focus on. There is nothing more foundational than data. Many “data” programs try to collect the horses after they have left the barn with AI/ML/data modeling…but TechVision’s approach puts business data needs first, then focuses on understanding the data, its meaning and business relevance.  We then focus on systematically aligning data with business needs.

There are 6 aspects of building this solid and sustainable data foundation we’ll cover in this report. They are:

  • Understanding Data
  • The Business ­– Data Connection
  • Data Usage
  • Data Creation
  • Data Within Technology
  • Business Data Assets

We’ll conclude with a pragmatic set of short- and long-term enterprise recommendations.

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