Overview of the Company

The speed at which technology changes demands a research company that is nimble, leverages real-world experience, outside perspectives, and is available to everyone in the enterprise; a firm that writes for, and takes the perspective of, the consumer of technology. That firm is TechVision Research.

At TechVision Research, we focus on your success. With an unparalleled combination of cutting-edge research, high-impact workshops, and expert and pragmatic advice, TechVision helps you leverage technology to…

  • Enable the enterprise vision
  • Engage with digitally empowered customers
  • Excel at the IT fundamentals
  • Enhance collaboration across the enterprise value chain

To help in your success,  TechVision Research has assembled a “dream team” of Consulting Analysts that can be trusted to support the most critical and difficult technology decisions an organization will make. The experience and diversity of our team provides business-level support and vision for CXOs and senior IT executives as well as pragmatic architecture and deep technology analysis for in-house architects and subject matter experts. The combination of “real world” consulting experience and “best of breed” analyst skills gives our clients the best of both worlds.

We believe pure research analysts, by the nature of the work, can get disconnected from many of the on-the-ground factors that determine success in an organization. Because of the complexity and rapid changes in technology and security today, we feel it is necessary to have the experience and currency of our Consulting Analysts.

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Pure consultants tend to focus on implementing their favorite canned methodologies rather than understanding and solving the unique problems your enterprise faces. Because our Consulting Analysts combine the currency of cutting edge research with years of practical experience, we bring the entire tool box instead of just a hammer.



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