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TechVision Research at a glance

Founded in 2015 by veterans of the research industry to bridge the gap between board-level strategy and technical solutions through cutting-edge research and pragmatic consulting.

Our model is built around industry experts with strong track records of execution.

We go beyond the trends. Our deliverables-based engagements give you the action plans you need to get the job done.

We offer tested templates, tools
and reference architectures to assist your decision making.

Connecting the dots

Clients hire TechVision Research to help them make the right decisions as they evolve their core IT capabilities in the disciplines of identity and access, cybersecurity, architecture and innovation, information asset management, and privacy and consent.

Complex challenges. Experienced people.

Our focus: Your success.

The speed at which technology changes demands a research company that is nimble, leverages real-world experience, includes outside perspectives, and is available to everyone in the enterprise; a firm that writes for, and takes the perspective of, the consumer of technology. That firm is TechVision Research.

At TechVision Research, we focus on technology-enabled business success. With an unparalleled combination of cutting-edge research, high-impact workshops, and pragmatic expert advice, TechVision helps you leverage technology to…


Enable the enterprise digital vision

  • Improve customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Increase decision velocity through accurate, relevant, and timely business insight and intelligence
  • Prepare the business for disruptive technologies and challenges

Engage with digitally empowered customers

  • Acquire deep customer insights while respecting privacy
  • Develop unique experiences
  • Leverage the networked economy

Excel at the IT fundamentals

  • Architect scalable and agile IT capabilities
  • Build a Big Data foundation
  • Eliminate cyber-threats

Enhance collaboration across the enterprise value chain

  • Eliminate time and distance constraints
  • Equip the enterprise to do business anywhere on any device
  • Support an evolving partner network


To help you get the job done, TechVision Research has assembled a “dream team” of Principal Consulting Analysts that can be trusted to support the most critical and difficult technology decisions your organization will make. The experience and diversity of our team provides business-level support and vision for CXOs and senior IT executives as well as pragmatic architecture and deep technology analysis for in-house architects and subject matter experts. The combination of “real world” consulting experience and “best of breed” analyst skills gives our clients the best of both worlds.

We believe pure research analysts, by the nature of the work, can get disconnected from many of the on-the-ground factors that determine success in an organization. Because of the complexity and rapid changes in technology and security today, we feel it is necessary to have the experience and currency of our Principal Consulting Analysts. Only folks that have that have deep subject knowledge and practical experience can help you:


Articulate and quantify the factors that are pushing you towards change.

  • What are you doing that isn’t good enough?
  • What isn’t working?
  • Is a particular struggle truly detrimental or just an annoyance?

Discover the new way.

  • Show you options for what you can do instead what you are doing today.
  • Define what life would be like with progress.
  • Articulate the organizational, procedural, and technological requirements to achieve it.

Address what’s holding you back.

  • Articulate the regulatory and business limitations of any solution.
  • Discover the risks inherent in the change.
  • Create an approach that removes the risks of making progress.

Prepare for the change

  • Articulate the vision of the future, teach the skills, design the incentives, define the resources, and create the plans for successful change across the business.
  • Address the habit of the present
    • Identify and incorporate things that are comfortable about the present.
    • Mitigate the things that reinforce allegiance to the old ways.


At TechVision Research, we are aligned with our enterprise clients, not the solutions providers.  As we help you get the job done, we may recommend solutions that you can “hire” to make progress.  Those recommendations are based on our understanding of your situation and are independent of any relationship we may have with a vendor.



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