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“Multi-factor Authentication”


“Multi-Factor Authentication is gaining traction as a best practice for enterprise security programs. It is based on the premise that traditional, single factor authentication schemes (like IDs and passwords) are relatively easy to break and as threats escalate, simply not good enough.

– Doug Simmons, TechVision Principal Consulting Analyst

Recorded on 25 April 2019

Webinar Outline:

  • Thesis – Why MFA?
  • Overview of MFA including Key Business Drivers
  • Discuss the types of MFA approaches currently being deployed
  • Overview of MFA standards
  • Describe MFA in the IAM Reference Architecture
  • Review of our short-list of vendors and solutions

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Passwords aren’t enough


For years, computer users have been told they should have complicated passwords, including numbers, punctuation marks and other symbols, and upper- and lowercase letters. Despite those being hard to remember, people were told not to write their passwords down and were forced to make up new ones quite frequently. Most people couldn’t actually remember lots of passwords, so instead they reused a small number of passwords over and over again. These bad habits leave you one click away from a data breach.

Multi-factor Authentication is trending

To temper the risks user name and password present in today’s environment, companies are increasingly adopting additional verification factors as a check on cyber-crime. Whether it’s tokens, texts, bio-markers, or other means, users are having to increasingly prove they are who they say they are in more than one way.
But multi-factor authentication (MFA) is not a panacea. Implementing it the wrong way can cause friction in transaction processing and user frustration.

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