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Identity and Access Management Assessment

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Your job is to protect the enterprise’s information.

But how do you know you’re doing all that you can?


How does your organization ‘rate’ when it comes to its Identity Management posture? Do you have, or are you putting in place, the required components, services, and related audit trails to support your legal and fiscal responsibilities – efficiently and effectively?

Let TechVision Research help you understand what you are doing well and what you might need to improve.

Find out how you rate today. Don’t delay obtaining a thorough, independent, and unbiased assessment of your organization’s identity management strengths and weaknesses – a key foundational element of your overall security infrastructure.

TechVision Research provides a focused assessment of your IAM infrastructure and strategy in the form of an Identity Management Rapid Assessment. Our 25 years of identity management expertise has allowed us to create a thorough understanding of IAM technology and deployment best practices. We use this knowledge to assess your near-term and long-term strategies and help build the cornerstone of your security infrastructure.

The outcome of this short-term engagement provides you with a thorough understanding of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to how your infrastructure manages user identities – whether these user ‘objects’ are employees, contractors, business partners, customers or devices. This assessment examines how object identity lifecycles are managed; how information entitlements are assigned, monitored and revoked; how identity data is consumed by the multiple systems and applications that authenticate and authorize, whether internal or external-facing, on premise, cloud or both; and how identities are monitored and protected.

The Rapid Assessment will

  • Identify ways to improve your current IAM architecture and reduce excessive support efforts
  • Remove bottlenecks and system processes that maybe impacting user satisfaction
  • Discover system vulnerabilities and create an actionable plan to improve security
  • Identify opportunities for technology alignment, realignment, or upgrade that allow you to move to the next generation of IT capabilities
  • Identify areas of potential regulatory compliance violations

Assessment process

We begin this assessment by electronically surveying up to 12 key ‘stakeholders’ drawn from cross-functional groups including IT, Security, Architecture, Human Resources, Application Development, Networking, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Services, and other Line of Business executives concerned with identity management. We’ll even help you identify the right people to survey. We also review the relevant enterprise identity management design and architecture documents maintained by your organization in order to get a quick yet thorough understanding of your identity management infrastructure and strategy.

Next, TechVision Research consultants will spend one full day on-site with your team to review the survey responses and correlate this information with your documented infrastructure and strategy.


Specific topics investigated include:

  • Identity lifecycle management
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Roles and access management
  • Directory services
  • Identity content and data integration
  • Federated identity management
  • Identity auditing
  • Cloud integration
  • Microservices integration
  • Emerging approaches and technologies

Assessment deliverable

Following the on-site meeting, TechVision Research will provide you with a 25-30 page written assessment. The assessment will include a series of tactical and strategic recommendations, focused on the specific topics above, to move your identity management infrastructure forward. As would be expected, TechVision Research recommendations are based on our mature Reference Architecture for IAM model that is built on industry best practices and technological capabilities, as well as your organization’s unique requirements, and other specific findings of the assessment. The duration of the engagement is typically between four-to-six weeks


Find out if this assessment is right for you.




TechVision Research Reference Architecture for IAM

TechVision Research is a leading research and consulting firm specializing in identity and access management (IAM). Our consultants’ deep and extensive IAM expertise, based on more than 25 years’ experience, has resulted in the development of the first TechVision Research Reference Architecture for IAM, a tool that provides a comprehensive methodology for assessing requirements and architecting optimal IAM solutions.  This reference architecture is the foundation for our IAM advisory services.


The TechVision Research Reference Architecture for IAM is a master template that identifies the IAM capabilities (rather than technologies) that can be improved or enabled, allowing business stakeholders and technical architects to achieve a common language for IAM functions, which can then be refined over time. ­­­Those capabilities are described at the highest level as:

Interact – how end-users and application developers interact with the IAM platform.

Access – the rules that define the roles, rights, and obligations of any actor wishing to access enterprise assets.

Change – the capability to define and manage the relationships between the user/ application developer and the enterprise assets.

Manage – the capabilities required to manage and upgrade the IAM solution itself.

Measure – the capabilities required to audit and improve IAM activities.

Store – the capabilities required to share identity information and relationships between the components of the IAM solution.


Find out if this assessment is right for you.





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