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David Goodman, D.Phil, Principal Consulting Analyst
Doug Simmons, Managing Director and Principal Consulting Analyst

Doug Simmons brings more than 25 years of experience in IT security, risk management and identity and access management (IAM). He focuses on IT security, risk management and IAM.  Doug holds a double major in Computer Science and Business Administration.

While leading consulting at Burton Group for 10 years and security, and identity management consulting at Gartner for 5 years, Doug has performed hundreds of engagements for large enterprise clients in multiple vertical industries including financial services, health care, higher education, federal and state government, manufacturing, aerospace, energy, utilities and critical infrastructure.

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Core competency areas for these engagements include risk management, security governance, security assessments, identity lifecycle provision and workflow process automation, authentication, access management, PKI, role engineering, federated identity management, cloud security, mobile device security, data protection and privacy and network security zoning architectures and physical/logical convergence.

At TechVision Research, Doug is focusing on the following areas of specialty:

  • Risk Management
  • Security Governance
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Cloud and Mobile Security
  • Data Protection and Privacy

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  • Risk Management
  • Security Governance
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Cloud and Mobile Security
  • Data Protection and Privacy


  • Identity and Access Management

Recently Published Research

Blockchain-based Identity Management
This is the second of our series of blockchain-related research reports and it sets a foundation for organizations to understand how blockchain or distributed ledgers can fit within an identity management ecosystem. The convergence of identity management and blockchain provides an opportunity to look at blockchain-based identity management from two primary perspectives; first from an identity management-centric view and second, from the perspective of how blockchain has evolved to support a broad range of identity management use cases, including people, applications and devices.

This report focuses on a next-generation identity ecosystem that provides each person a single set of identity credentials, available for use across all electronic services encompassing government, consumer, and corporate entities (i.e., Bring Your Own Identity, or BYOI). Blockchain has the potential to be a valuable part of this ecosystem by enabling the recording and distribution of trusted identities and associated information without requiring reliance on a specific centralized third-party.

The Future of Identity Management
Identity Management is at the core of the secure IT infrastructure that every company, government agency and institute of higher education strives to achieve. It is one of the most fundamental building blocks in support of any level of communication, collaboration or commerce within an organization or across the Internet.

Despite the decades of investment and hard work, many organizations face greater identity management challenges today than they did 15 years ago. Today, many organizations struggle with a hodge-podge of silo’d, poorly or non-interoperable IAM functions that are impossible to govern properly and are hindering proper risk management.

This highly actionable report supports our clients as they develop five-year technology infrastructure plans. In this report we make specific projections as to where we believe Identity Management will be going over the next five years and we describe a model for identity abstraction that provides an extensible services oriented architecture.

To provide our clients with the most comprehensive view of Identity Management, we augment our own expertise with the insights of what we consider to be the top thought leaders and industry experts to deliver the most comprehensive perspective on the Future of Identity Management.

Upcoming Research

The Cloudification of Identity - Identity as a Service
The time is right for most organizations to consider moving some or all of their on-premise identity management to an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) model. The combination of a pervasive movement to the cloud, a largely disappearing perimeter, the proliferation of IoT devices, the need to integrate external identities, the recognized value of contextual identity, the movement to decentralized identity and the requirement for a flexible IT infrastructure are all contributing to this movement to IDaaS.

This report describes the IDaaS value proposition, the current state of IDaaS as well as the vendor landscape.  Since most organization’s IAM is not totally cloud-based, we’ll examine co-existence and migration paths as well as typical migration planning timeframes.

We’ll also consider key enterprise IDaaS requirements in light of major vendor offerings and will include our IDaaS vendor short list in this report. For most organizations, it isn’t if they will move to IDaaS, it is when and we’ll provide a roadmap guidance for this transition.




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