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Container Readiness On-site Workshop

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Your job it is to architect and implement the company’s digital strategy.

To be successful, you must

  • Deeply understand your customers’ journey and identify innovative solutions leading to better customer outcomes.
  • Deliver powerful digital platforms, services, and data foundations that encourage agility and reuse across the business.
  • Define and build an adaptive IT organization reflective of a changing enterprise
  • Align IT governance, policies, and incentives to drive performance

But it’s not easy

  • Identifying and fixing the fragile “Frankenstacks” of legacy solutions
  • Fixing the inability to execute on changes the business demands
  • Changing how people work – battling “that’s not how we do things”
  • And connecting the dots – orchestrating the various visions of the IT across the business


Are you ready for the intense focus on user experience, speed of delivery, and agility?


Businesses want to move faster, develop more software, and deploy software and updates more often, but to do this in a traditional monolithic software architecture is a lot to put on developers. To ease the pain, more businesses and developers are turning to containers. To many, containers are the “next cloud”.

Let TechVision Research help you with your architectural challenges. Our advisory workshops are designed to help you understand the basics, what you are doing well, and what you might need to improve.

A Facilitated Two-day, Highly Interactive Container Readiness Workshop  


Everyone is exploring containerization, but few teams have fully solved enterprise requirements and adoption challenges. In this workshop learn why early adopter DevOps teams gain exceptional benefits from containerization, identify enterprise adoption challenges, and learn what processes, tooling, and skills are required to make containers enterprise ready at scale.

This workshop will share best practices, present disruptive technology alternatives, and forge team consensus around a pragmatic adoption plan. All geared towards achieving key objectives of rapid application deployment, portability across machines, resource efficiency, and simplified maintenance

Why should I attend?


  • Address adoption challenges around security, lifecycle governance, monitoring, management, and run-time application composition
  • Understand container reference architecture components and patterns
  • Learn container security patterns and tooling
  • Learn how to build a container-friendly DevOps workflow

Your workshop leader

Chris Hadad

Chris Hadad

Principal Consulting Analyst

Chris Haddad is a Principal Consulting Analyst at TechVision Research. He is a software and services pioneer whose entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, and technology leadership crafted multiple successful startups and transformed Enterprise IT teams.

Chris spent over 10 years at Gartner and Burton Group leading their consulting efforts and personally delivered many strategy and roadmap consulting projects with a focus on Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, and application platform modernization. Clients include Fortune 500 clients in the energy, technology, financial, and government sectors.

Workshop deliverable


In addition to all materials created and shared in the workshop itself, TechVision Research will provide you with a written assessment. The assessment will include a series of tactical and strategic recommendations, focused on the specific topics above, to move your DevOps infrastructure forward.

Find out if this workshop is right for you.

Typical workshop agenda

Day One

Session One:

Why Containers?

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Going Cloud-Native
  • Factoring Microservices
  • Container Challenges and when NOT to containerize

Container Technologies Reference Architecture

  • Virtualization versus Containers
  • Container Format s and Engines
  • Container Meta-data and Environment Declarations
  • DevOps Tooling
  • Runtime Insight Components
  • Run-time Platform Alternatives

Session Two:

DevOps Workflow

  • Building a Container
  • Container Repositories
  • Container Version Control Strategies
  • Runtime Configuration Management
  • Release Strategies
Day Two

Session Three

Container Security

  • Access Control and Least Privilege
  • Container Integrity
  • Trust In Containers
  • Identity Management

Container Scheduling and Orchestration

  • Namespaces and Deployment
  • Scaling Containers
  • Maintaining Quality of Service

Session Four

Migrating N-Tier Applications to Containers

  • Container Discovery
  • Networking Strategies
  • Persistence Strategies

Find out if this workshop is right for you.

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