Educational Session Formats

Educational Session Formats


Level-Set - $595

Level-set tutorials are half-day educational sessions designed to provide our clients with a practical, independent foundation in the areas being covered. These level-sets help prepare our clients for the topics being covered at the main conference and provide background future-state technology and business decisions. Note, we plan to add adding additional level-sets to and you can transfer your registration to another session. 


Workshop - $895

Workshops are full day sessions that build upon a basic foundation by providing more depth on the topics covered as well as “how to” instructions, templates, typical end-user requirements data, vendor/market assessments and exercises to increase the attendee’s ability to apply this knowledge within an organization. Note we may add additional workshops and you can transfer your credit to another session. 

Level-Sets Offered

Level-sets Offered

Decentralized, Self-Sovereign Identity Services

This is a half-day pre-conference tutorial designed to provide you with an understanding of a new identity and access management model that builds on blockchain, verifiable claims and user-centric identity principles. We’ll describe the technology behind this approach, early use cases, vendor and industry offerings, emerging standards, the business case, integration and migration planning issues and timing.  This will be a valuable foundation to help enterprise architects, security/IT professionals, innovation leaders and line of business executives define an identity strategy in an increasingly decentralized world.

Microservices Level-Set

Microservices are currently the hottest topic in software development. The concept is simple: Break down your application into smaller pieces that each perform a single business function and can be developed and deployed independently. 

Oh, if it was only that easy.

A microservice architecture does provide proven benefits, especially in large development organizations, but those benefits are delivered with downsides as well.

We’re offering a half-day preconference session, where we’ll show you the fundamentals of successful microservice design, highlight the limitations of a microservices architecture. And beyond the technology, we’ll discuss the organizational and process impacts of shifting to a microservice architecture.  Finally, we’ll share our blueprint for success in adopting microservices.

If you need to understand the ins and outs of microservices, this session is for you.   

Developing an Effective Innovation Program

We’re offering a half-day preconference session, where we’ll show you five compelling reasons to innovate, five things that are holding you back, and most importantly, how to break through the resistance. We’ll cover everything from aligning innovation efforts with strategy, recommended methods and processes, tools and techniques, cultural impacts and even execution.

Our innovation reference architecture is designed to help you “deliver” on innovation. The reference architecture is a template you can use for building an innovation system, a continuous process that becomes a source of competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market.

Becoming a Digital Enterprise using Transformative Strategies

There is much confusion about what “digital transformation” really means. Most organizations don’t have a clear or consistent picture of what it means to their business. That’s because there is a lack of consensus among business leaders and digital stakeholders. As a business strategy there needs to be a shift in thinking about digital – from one of IT command and control to one where digital choices are focused on business outcomes.

We’re offering a half-day preconference session where we’ll describe ways to get started on transforming to a Digital Enterprise. This level-setting session is designed to foster consensus among business leaders and digital stakeholders to transform through digital strategies. We use recognizable patterns and approaches, that promote agility, integration, flexibility, security, innovation, effectiveness and efficiency. We’ll further describe the framework we designed to help you build a risk-aware and transformative digital strategy that fits your business, its culture, and practices.

Zero Trust - Security for a New World

The Zero Trust model of information security basically upends the “castle-and-moat” mentality that had organizations focused on defending their perimeters while assuming everything already inside didn’t pose a threat and therefore was cleared for access.

The castle-and-moat approach isn’t working. In fact, the most egregious data breaches happened because hackers, once they gained access inside corporate firewalls, were able move through internal systems without much resistance.

Zero Trust Networking focuses on locking down all aspects of communication, inside and outside of traditional firewalls. This pre-conference tutorial will help you to understand what ZTN is, how it works, how it benefits the enterprise and some practical advice as to architecting and building a zero trust foundation.

If you want to stop breaches, zero trust is the best way to go.

Workshops Offered

Workshops Offered

Implementing the Future of Identity

The future state of IAM must be more inclusive, context aware, user-centric, support diverse object types and expanding privacy requirements.  As enterprise business leaders aspire to become more nimble and prepare for “safe” digital transformation, IAM systems and services will be tested in unprecedented ways. Enterprises must be planning for this now. Any enterprise architecting and prioritizing IT investments over the next several years needs to pay careful attention to the Identity and Access Management category.

Our one-day workshop will help your organization develop a more holistic identity & access management solution and achieve key objectives associated with increased security, workflow automation, auditability and cost effectiveness.

Technical Evolution: Monolith to Microservices

Microservice architecture is a hot, popular, and emerging architectural approach that promises to help teams overcome traditional application delivery challenges so they can ‘Be Like Netflix’ and rapidly deliver innovative business functions at scale.

Teams refactoring applications into containers, rebuilding applications to follow Cloud-Native patterns, or modernizing and rationalizing their application portfolio should consider adopting a microservices approach.

In this full-day workshop, Patrick McClory will walk participants through the process of evolving large scale systems into microservices architectures and includes many real-world examples and exercises.



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