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Business Data Architecture Workshop

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Your job is to acquire and manage the information necessary to drive wealth and operate the business.

There’s no area of business or government that isn’t seeking to achieve better results through the smart, timely analysis of data. That means that every IT department is now— or soon will be—under pressure to deliver data-fueled insights as well as, if not better than, the competition. But getting the job done is hard, especially if you don’t manage the basics.

To be successful, you’ll need to …

  • establish and manage effective data governance;
  • then create an adaptive data architecture and execute your data roadmap;
  • quickly followed by developing an approachable analytics capability;
  • and finally assume stewardship for enterprise-level data.

But these tasks are not easily done. The business has been doing things the current way forever and habits are hard to break.  You have to make progress by …

  • getting business owners to accept responsibility for the data;
  • and fixing the rigid technologies and processes that isolate data from the business decision makers;
  • and ensuring the business trusts the data and the science you use organize it;
  • and finally get everyone to think of data as an asset, not a disposable byproduct.

Let TechVision Research help you make progress. Our advisory workshops are designed to help you understand the basics, what you are doing well, and what you might need to improve.

A Facilitated Two-day, Highly Interactive Business Data Architecture (BDA) Workshop  

TechVision Research’s Business Data Architecture workshop sets the foundation for development of a Business Data Blueprint (BDB), a necessity for addressing part of the broken data foundation. 

During the workshop, TechVision Research leverages an innovative format that engages the organization: executives, analysts and IT operations. Workshop participants gain the knowledge needed to map out the steps to a successful Business Data Architecture (BDA). 

In the workshop you’ll learn tips and techniques that will help you…

  • Work with business users to identify the types of data that are the most valuable
  • Make data governance a first priority
  • Build systems to change, not to last
  • Develop a real-time data foundation
  • Build security into that foundation
  • Develop a master data management strategy
  • Position data as a service
  • Offer self-service environments and proper support

Your workshop leader

Noreen Kendle

Noreen Kendle

Principal Consulting Analyst

Noreen is a recognized leader in the field of Information-Data Strategies, which includes Information Asset Management, Data Governance/Information Ownership, Information Policies & Standards, Business Data Architecture, Meta-Information, Enterprise Data Design, Information Quality, Data Valuation, Enterprise Foundational Data, Data Globalization, and Business Intelligence Strategies. 

She has held enterprise information leadership and practitioner positions within large global organizations for over 30 years including Delta Air Lines, AT&T, Masco, Travelport, and The Home Depot, as well as data industry consultant/advisor for Gartner and Burton Group. 

Noreen has been instrumental in the development of Enterprise Information and Business Data Architecture Frameworks, as well as their implementation in support of the management of information-data as a corporate asset 

Workshop deliverable


In addition to all materials created and shared in the workshop itself, the client receives a workshop summary in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. The consultant will conduct an online web meeting to deliver the findings and suggested recommendations.

Find out if this workshop is right for you.

Typical workshop agenda

Day One 

Session One: The Fundamentals are Broken 

Introduction and Historical Context 

  • Overview of the state of data today
  • The data challenged organization
  • The data fundamentals
  • Why the Fundamentals are broken
  • Getting to a root of the problem

Data and the Business Data Connection: Reframing the Discussion 

  • The History of Data
  • The Business Data Connection
  • Computerization of Data
  • Business Intelligence and the Data Representation
  • Learn a common lexicon to discuss data in terms that make sense to both IT and the business

Session Two: Defining the Challenges 

One-on-one meetings with executives 

  • Workshop leader meets 1:1 with key executives
  • Determine key data challenges of the business
  • Determine how reframing the discussion applies to the IT organization
Day Two 

Session Three: The Missing Link between Business and Data 

Business Data Architecture Defined 

  • Business Functional or Process Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Within the Information-Data Strategy Framework
  • Missing Business Data Architecture

Business Data Architecture Components 

  • Business Glossary
  • Business Data Blueprint (BDB) – Business Process mapping to Business Data Blueprint

The BDB Value Model and Usage 

  • Information Ownership and Governance
  • Data Integration
  • Data Integrity and Quality
  • Enterprise Data Systems Planning
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Determine how reframing the discussion applies to the IT organization

Session Four: Steps to Connect the Data with the Business 

An Example of a Business Data Blueprint (BDB) 

  • The Business Data Framework
  • The Business Data Map

BDB in the Real World 

  • Tips for communicating BDB within the organization
  • Handling the push-back and organizational inertia
  • What does BDB success look like!

Find out if this workshop is right for you.

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