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3CA Strategy On-site Workshop

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Recent communication, collaboration, and content advances are essential. Is your enterprise ready to fully leverage them?

There are breakthrough opportunities at the intersection of communication, collaboration, content, and activities (3CA). Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are 3CA enterprise leaders, and Atlassian, Slack, Zoom, and other smaller competitors are also widely deployed. The modern 3CA model, accelerated by the shift to remote work triggered by COVID-19, can dramatically improve productivity, responsiveness, and employee job satisfaction, offering significant operational and competitive advantages. TechVision Research can help you define and execute a 3CA strategy for your enterprise that will help you capitalize on the new 3CA opportunities and prepare for future advances as well.

Let TechVision Research help you make progress. Our advisory workshops are designed to help you understand the basics, what you are doing well, and what you might need to improve.


A Facilitated Two-day, Highly Interactive Communication, Collaboration, Content, and Activities (3CA) ​ Workshop  

TechVision Research’s 3CA On-Site Strategy Workshop gets all enterprise 3CA stakeholders on the same page in understanding how modern 3CA cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace represent huge leaps forward compared to earlier alternatives such as SharePoint Server. Workshop participants collaborate to craft a 3CA strategy that’s optimized for your enterprise, fully leveraging new 3CA opportunities and providing a clear path from current systems to your new 3CA cloud deployment.

At the conclusion of the workshop engagement, your organization will have:

  • Stakeholder consensus based on a robust 3CA market framework that clearly explains 3CA opportunities and challenges and positions competitors ranging from Atlassian to Zoom
  • A comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace as enterprise 3CA platforms, along with details about what deployments on those platforms entail in terms of implicit commitments to the vendors’ underlying cloud platforms (Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform)
  • Insights into the blurring boundaries between documents and databases, along with implications for enterprise information management
  • Appreciation for how the shift from traditional app dev tools to new activity automation tools (such as Google AppSheet, Microsoft Power Automate, and Slack Workflow Builder) is empowering enterprise “citizen developers” to rapidly, securely, and effectively address their own business process and workflow needs
  • Guidance on how to structure and execute a migration plan from legacy 3CA systems

In the workshop you’ll learn tips and techniques that will help you…

  • Apply a focused, collaborative learning experience to build consensus and drive major 3CA strategy decisions.
  • Use our proven and road-tested methodologies to get your 3CA strategy quickly and effectively on track.
  • Develop and train your team through collaboration with our expert analysts.
  • Produce a tangible model for expressing and tying goals, guidance, and technology to 3CA resources and processes.

Your workshop leader

Peter O'Kelly

Peter O'Kelly

Principal Consulting Analyst

Peter O’Kelly has been focused on collaboration and information management since the early 1980s, working in practitioner, product management/strategist, industry analyst, and consulting roles. Core areas of focus include 3CA (communication, collaboration, content, and activities) apps/services, conceptual/logical data modeling, and information architecture.

Work experience highlights include creating enterprise data models for companies such as Procter & Gamble and Bose; leading product management teams at Lotus Development Corp. (Notes/Domino) and Groove Networks; serving as the founding research director for two Burton Group services, Collaboration and Content Strategies and Data Management Strategies (both now part of Gartner for Technical Professionals); and defining solution architectures for Microsoft (enterprise collaboration/content migration) and CenturyLink (big data).

Workshop deliverable


Following the on-site meeting, TechVision Research will provide you with a written 3CA assessment. The assessment will include a series of tactical and strategic recommendations, focused on measurable goals and actions based on the workshop results, to move your 3CA strategy forward.

Find out if this workshop is right for you.

Typical workshop agenda

Day One 

On-site training

Think of the first day of the workshop as an interactive immersion course in 3CA market dynamics and ways to leverage them. Whether you are new to the 3CA domain or a seasoned expert, you are certain to gain value from the discussions and collaborative exercises.

  • Getting to know the room: identify organizational roles and specific 3CA interests and priorities
  • Defining the 3CA opportunities and how they apply to your organization • Exploring the business benefits derived from building your 3CA strategy
  • Defining the building blocks of a 3CA strategy that includes a vision for guiding principles
  • A deep dive into the TechVision Research resources addressing 3CA technologies and opportunities
  • Connecting the dots: how to build a holistic 3CA approach to improve business outcomes
  • Recap and Q&A

Day Two 

Facilitated planning

Day 2 is where we blend what you learned in day 1, any homework assignments, and the results of the premeeting survey. TechVision Research consultants use proven techniques to interactively explore options with the group to drive consensus toward a 3CA strategy that is tailored to your environment and business. During this session, the consultants will work with the team to build on the strategy by facilitating the development of a high-level 3CA action plan.

  • Participants describe their 3CA business needs and challenges via interactive workshop group discussions
  • Consultants facilitate the development of a highlevel conceptual strategy, focused on goal setting and guiding principles
  • Participants leverage related TechVision Research reports to draft a high-level blueprint for current 3CA capabilities
  • The group jointly develops an action plan for moving forward

Find out if this workshop is right for you.

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