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David Goodman, D.Phil, Principal Consulting Analyst
Russ DeSimone, Principal Consulting Analyst

Russ DeSimone specializes in aligning business and IT strategies, delivering complex programs, and improving delivery performance by focusing on both the “how” and the “what”.  Russ works at the intersection of what the business needs and what can realistically be delivered by the IT team with available technology.

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Russ’ more than 25 years of IT experience spans several industries including Airline, Hospitality, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Banking, and Telephony.  While the industries are different, the IT solutions they need have much in common.  Their business models demand high performance and stability while keeping pace with rapidly changing markets.  Russ’ pragmatic approach to solutions applies the technology and business acumen he learned from these experiences.

Responsible for a product portfolio of Reservations, Ticketing/Fulfillment and Payment Services at SITA, Russ developed product strategy and roadmaps working with customers to set priorities and with cross functional teams to deliver them.  As Daugherty client engagement and delivery leader for strategic clients in the Hotel and Automotive Reseller industries he led architecture roadmap, Identity and Access Management, IT security, ECommerce website, and process performance improvement engagements.  As staff advisor to the CIO of Delta Air Lines he led strategic projects to explore joint ventures, replace core systems, refresh technology, ensure business continuity, and implement PMO tools and processes.  He served as the IT leader and liaison to the TSA and FAA for Aviation Security following the September 11 terrorist attacks.  He holds a patent for a Method and Process for Aviation Security.   At GE, he defined roadmaps and led teams to develop and support products for capacity planning, E911, and telephony inventory services for GTE.

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  • Business and IT strategy development & alignment
  • Product roadmap
  • Business process improvement
  • Product development
  • Organizational change & performance improvement
  • Business of IT
  • Governance
  • PMO practices
  • Complex program leadership
  • Contract negotiation


  • Microservice Architecture Workshop

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Microservices Enterprise Level-set

There have been many efforts over the years to build better software and services faster and less expensively. This trend has gained increased visibility of late as organizations such as Google, Amazon, Netflix and others have rapidly deployed services at massive scale leveraging small focused development teams building small, loosely coupled services.
These efforts are supporting an overarching movement from traditional monolithic applications to smaller, autonomous services that work together under the umbrella of microservice architecture. This allows for small, independent teams to develop business-focused services without waiting for other services to be completed.

This report is a level-set for enterprises considering microservices or alternative approaches to traditional application development and deployment. As with all TechVision Research reports, we’ll look to provide a pragmatic, enterprise-focused assessment with specific guidance in terms of the considerations in determining why, when and how to move to microservices.

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