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Solving the hard problems that face IT professionals requires a place where all stakeholders can discuss these problems candidly, without other agendas steering the conversation. The TechVision Research Chrysalis Conference has been uniquely developed to provide a place for such candid and user-centric conversations. The goal of the conference is to improve the state of how the industry responds to the real needs of the enterprise; this is achieved by an honest discussion about the problems, future enterprise needs and designing (and influencing) the right path forward. When there is a disconnect between the desired path and current reality we’ll look to respond to the needs of the enterprise, highlight the gaps and move the industry in the desired, customer-focused direction. To achieve these goals, we’ve brought together some of the greatest independent enterprise-focused industry, technology and business experts on the planet.

TechVision’s Chrysalis Conference has an attendee-driven agenda, high-profile expert speakers, in-depth content and a fiercely independent point of view. TechVision’s Chrysalis Conference is not your typical event focused on highlighting vendor offerings. The event has two days of comprehensive workshops bookending two days of lively, focused general sessions. Evenings include hospitality suites where attendees can enjoy networking with peers while learning more about emerging technologies. If you attend only one event this year, the TechVision Research Chrysalis Conference is the best event to provide the education and insight needed to help you prepare for the future of your enterprise.

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The 2022 conference has ended. Stay tuned for updates on our next event. 

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