Pricing and Registration

TechVision is offering a limited September for our main event on November 12-13. We have separately priced pre-conference tutorials and post-conference workshops available on November 11 and November 14.

We are also offering a full, all-you-can-eat, 4 day immersive package at an attractive early-bird price. This includes access to any tutorial, workshop, conference session and one-on-one Principal Consulting Analyst meetings.

Day 1 – Monday

Nov, 11

Education/ Pre-conference Tutorials


The first day of the conference is dedicated to preparing attendees for the topics and technologies we’ll be covering at the main event; our pre-conference tutorials are an educational experience to help enterprise technologists, architects and business leaders better understand the latest emerging technologies and architectural approaches. We’ve designed a series of seminars that are interactive and help the attendees better understand key technology inflection points and more importantly, define their impact on organizations.

These level-sets are abbreviated versions of educational products we routinely deliver for our clients, delivered by world-class Principal Consulting analysts and are a tremendous value.  

Days 2, 3 – Tuesday, Wednesday

Nov, 12-13

Main Conference Presentations
and Panels


Our main conference is an immersive two day event that has a single goal in mind; to help large organizations make informed business and technology decisions. Every session is designed to provide a foundation for the rapidly changing technology and business landscape.

Networking is a key part of our conference; the experts on stage will also have the opportunity to join the event. TechVision experts are also available for one-on-one sessions throughout the conference.




Day 4 – Thursday

Nov, 14


The last day of the conference is reserved for taking what you’ve heard over the first three days and learning how to apply it in a way that works in the real world. These half day and one-day sessions let you use our knowledge and experience to supercharge your transformation efforts. 

These workshops are abbreviated versions of consulting products we routinely deliver for our clients and are a bargain at this price.

Main Conference

Education/ Pre-conference Tutorials




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