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One of the many of the great discussions held at  Chrysalis in late 2019. This is an example of the real world experiences and insights shared by leading experts that are the hallmark of Chrysalis. Our goal is to analyze complex issues and provide pragmatic insights and recommendations that benefit large organizations and the industry. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn from and interact with experts like these at Chrysalis 2021.

The Disruptor – Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Credentials


  • Gary Rowe, Moderator – TechVision Research
  • Phil Windley – Chair of the Sovrin Foundation and Architect, CIOs office at Brigham Young University,
  • Bob Blakely – Head of Security Innovation at Citicorp,
  • Kurt Lieber – VP/Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), CVS/Aetna,
  • Ankur Patel – Principal Program Manager, Decentralized Identity, Microsoft,
  • Dan Gisolfi – IBM CTO Decentralized Identity, Blockchain Technologies


Original Panel Description

Traditional identity systems are mostly geared toward authentication and access management for known entities. A decentralized identity system adds a focus on authenticity and how a community can establish trust across the boundaries of any ecosystem. In a decentralized identity future, credentials can be shared between parties with authenticity, security, and privacy guaranteed; or at least, that’s the promise.

This 2019 panel session described this new approach, assessed industry and vendor offerings and addressed the prerequisites and timing of this nascent approach. We contrasted this model to one in which individuals “rent” IDs for every site they may conduct business with. We provided insights to help enterprises better understand what this new environment is, how it benefits the enterprise and whether it was ready for “prime time”.

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