Architecting Your Future-State Identity and Access Management Program Workshop


10 September, 12 ET




Want an adaptable and secure digital identity architecture? Join us for an exclusive online workshop to learn how to get there.

You’ll learn:

The Digital Enterprise

The future of Identity Management is framed by how businesses will operate digitally; how they will connect with customers, employees, partners, processes, and things. We can serve up computing platforms and infrastructure services in seconds, leverage microservices and SaaS-based applications, leverage new technologies and drive innovation, but we must understand and govern the data, people processes and things we possess, identify and secure.

The Future of Identity Management

We’ll discuss the TechVision Research view on the future direction for Identity and Access Management (IAM) and what customers can do to ensure they don’t fall behind the curve. We’ll address and debate our Top 12 list as this represents our perspective on areas enterprises should consider investing in over the next several years.  We’ll also examine some innovative and disruptive approaches that could dramatically impact IAM in the long term including Decentralized Identity built in Blockchain and supported by Verifiable Credentials, and expected AI/ML approaches and technologies to better support Identity, enhance user experience and mitigate risk.

The Art of the Possible; Architecting your Future-State IAM Foundation

This section will introduce you to TechVision’s Reference Architecture as a model for systematically architecting and ultimately developing the services necessary to securely support your Digital Enterprise.

Zero Trust and Frictionless Security

In this section we’ll describe how Zero Trust relies on a strong IAM foundation, describe the state of the market, and separate the reality of Zero Trust from the hype. Zero trust combined with frictionless security provides the user experience to actually use requisite security controls and processes.

IT Governance and Administration

In this critical, but often overlooked area, we’ll articulate the important aspects of a well-grounded IT Governance model, key capabilities for ‘doing governance right’ and the role of information management and governance – particularly, IAM information that is key to many important enterprise initiatives – including zero trust, data privacy and an engaging user experience.

Sponsored Session: Radiant Logic’s Role in the Future of IAM

This module will lean extensively on Radiant Logic resources to share the architecture and deployment models that the company has enabled to support forward-looking IAM/CIAM implementations. In this way, Radiant Logic will be able to illustrate for workshop participants how RadiantOne can play a pivotal role in the migration from legacy IAM to next-generation IAM, but also retain the necessary logically centralized role of secure IAM information management.

Summary/Conclusion/Wrap UP/ Q&A

This wrap-up session will review the findings and include the feedback gathered during the sessions from discussions and polling of the attendees as well as open questions during the close.

What’s in the workshop?

TechVision Research is offering a complimentary half-day on-line workshop to assist large enterprises in “Architecting your Future-State Identity and Access Management Program.”  This TechVision workshop will provide attendees with the collective experience, insights and advice from Doug Simmons, Gary Rowe, and our Analyst team focused on developing the right IAM foundation to support the scale, flexibility, security, privacy and governance needs necessary for enterprises to fully engage digitally. Doug and Gary have collectively conducted over 1000 enterprise consulting engagements, written 100+ published research reports and been at the leading edge of IAM, security, innovation and enterprise inflection points for the past 30 years. This workshop will be interactive with questions addressed and surveys taken before and during the course of the program.

Why should you attend?

Whether you are charged with directing or implementing digital identity in your enterprise, this TechVision workshop will provide you with the knowledge you’ll need develop the right IAM foundation:

  • to support the scale, flexibility, security, privacy and governance required today
  • and the adaptability you’ll for your digital future.

Your facilitators, Doug, Gary, and Wade, have been at the leading edge of IAM, security, and innovation for over 30 years, and have collectively conducted over 1,000 enterprise consulting engagements, and published 100+ research reports on identity, security, and emerging technology. In this event, they’ll be sharing their collective experience, expert insights, and pragmatic advice.

TechVision Research normally charges individual clients thousands of dollars for an onsite version of this workshop. However, in this age of social distancing, and in partnership with Radiant Logic, we are creating an exclusive on-line event, not for thousands of dollars, but for free. 

Your Facilitators

Gary Rowe

Gary Rowe

CEO, Principal Consulting Analyst - TechVision Research

Gary Rowe is a seasoned technology analyst, consultant, advisor, executive and entrepreneur. Over the past 35 years he has focused on the standardization and business applications that are core infrastructure technologies.

Doug Simmons

Doug Simmons

Managing Director, Principal Consulting Analyst - TechVision Research

Doug brings more than 30 years of experience in IT security, risk management and identity and access management (IAM). He has performed hundreds of engagements as the subject matter expert across all enterprise verticals to develop security and IAM strategies, roadmaps and reference architectures.

Wade Ellery

Wade Ellery

Senior Solutions Architect - Radiant Logic

Wade has extensive experience in enterprise IT direct and channel software, and services, sales and management. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in enterprise IAM, IGA, risk and compliance and IT security challenges.

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